Mt Hagen

Weapons seized in Mt Hagen

This operation carried out in collaboration with the PNG Defence Force, dealt a significant blow to a suspected large-scale illegal weapons trafficking network that had been fueling tribal conflicts and domestic terrorism activities in the Highlands region.

The meticulously planned operation, executed under the leadership of Commissioner of Police David Manning, led to a series of arrests linked to the weapons trafficking network. These arrests were facilitated by the provisions introduced in the Firearms Act of 2022, championed by the Marape-Rosso Government.

Wingti not pleased with Works Dept

He said while the road works is happening, it’s not progressing as quickly as it should be.

It seems the project manager is having issues with people living along the road.

Wingti defended his people and blamed the Works Department for not handling community consultation well.

He said, prior to the commencement of the roadworks, there should have been consultation between the Works Department and the Provincial Government to handle landowner issues.

New reports emerge on child’s death

Eyewitnesses say the incident was an “accident”.

The vehicle driven by soldiers did not deliberately hit the child.

This newsroom was told the 5-year-old girl did not see the oncoming vehicle from her left when she crossed the road, right at the back of another passing vehicle on her right.

When the military driver saw the child running directly into their vehicle, he immediately stepped on the brakes and swerved to the side.

MAF offers flight training in PNG

With a ‘One Training Centre - Two Campuses’ approach, the two training campuses are Mount Hagen, Western Highlands and Mareeba, Queensland, Australia.

MAF is planning two intakes each year, with the opportunity for up to four PNG students to begin training at each intake.

Within two years, the MAF Training Centre (TC) aims to produce professional and competent pilots with relevant licenses, ratings and approximately 240 hours flying experience.

Gamato appeals for calm in Hagen

He said the proper recourse for complaints about the election is in the Court of Disputed Returns and not on the streets.

“The Commission regrets the disturbances and disruptions to the peace seen during the elections. Any violence related to the polls is unnecessary and harms our democracy and our community,” Commissioner Gamato said.

For the current incident in Hagen, he said election process has been completed and aggrieved parties should take it to court.

The Hagen treasury office was burnt down this week while the Kagamuga airport remains closed.

Baisu jail needs urgent attention: Officer

The Western Highlands Province institution is in desperate need of manpower and infrastructural upgrade.

Commanding Officer for Baisu jail, Timbi Kangla, said: “Correctional Service needs help and support from the government as it is where the core majority of the country’s law offenders are being placed into.”

Govt set record with national healthcare plan

In a statement, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said more than K6 billion is invested each year to improve healthcare.

“While we still have a lot of work to do, universal healthcare is becoming a reality around Papua New Guinea,” stated the PM.

“The amount of money a person has in their pocket should not determine if they can see a doctor or receive healthcare.

“Over the past five years, working with our partners, including churches, we have expanded medical services to remote areas and rebuilt hospitals.

Yokomo win 2016 softball club championships

It was a powerful display of batting firepower from the Yokomo men that won them back to back club titles in front a crowd of over 500 at Rebiamul Oval.

It started at the top of the second inning when a safe hit from Mark Tomangana allowed Paul Bogan home to score the first run.

Taki Zale and David Upaupa then got themselves safely on base and were brought home by the next batter in young Dane Chan who powered the ball past first base to score Zale and Upaupa and eventually come home himself in the same play.

Bears win back to back softball club titles

It was a scoreless first three innings. Pitchers from both teams, Quandalyne Vinim (Bears) and Tenisha Kuveu (Rovers) were in top form backed up by tight infields determined not to let any runs through.

Rovers broke the deadlock at the bottom of the fourth inning after an overthrow to first base allowed Alice Bossie to run home from third base to score. The Bears hit back in the sixth inning scoring all their five runs through Francine Malum, Nadia Bais, Lisa Polum, Francisca Kinit and Delin Bais.

Softball club championships underway in Mt Hagen

 A total of 15 softball teams, 5 women's and 10 men's will battle it out for the next three days at the Rabiamul Oval in what promises to be an all action packed weekend for softball fanatics.

Teams participating have come from Port Moresby, Madang and Wewak.

The stakes are high with major sponsor PNG Power supporting the tournament with cash prizes totalling K22, 000.

The main theme of the championships is: Pitch Against Illegal Connections.