Mt Hagen

13 singsing groups set for Paiya Mini Show

The annual show is scheduled on August 19 at Paiya village, which is about 40 minutes from Mt Hagen Town.

Cultural groups participating include Suli Muli of Enga, Asaro Mudmen of Eastern Highlands, the Huli dancers from Hela, Skeleton Spirit Dancers and Mindima Masalai from Simbu and various groups from WHP.

Others include Hagen Wigmen, Hagen women, Tambul spirit dance and Pimaga dance group from Southern Highlands.

Organiser Pym Mamindi of Paiya Tours said the community is preparing well for the show, doing clean ups and fencing.

Hagen District lights up, thanks to Duma

The ‘Lighting Up Hagen District’ program comes on the back of a successful rural road rehabilitation program the MP has focused on.

Duma’s aim to light up his electorate has gained a lot of momentum with electricity now being connected from Wula-Kental, ogulbeng-puntpulg, Wanka-Kelta, Balg-Baisu, Rau-Kolge, Koipka-Kuimbilika, Gumanz-Panga.

Funding also  also  being made available for extension projects for the Mulgmana and Kuipgil communities (K100,000) Kuipgil (K100,000).


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Breakthrough in drugs fight in Chimbu

Simbu Police’s Operation Weedim Grass has become the leading marijuana combating team in the country with more than half a million plants uprooted over the last four years.

WHP and Jiwaka to fix major road link

Jokema to rock Hagen, launch album

Jokema will be performing this Saturday  at Club Mystics and invites fans for this one night show with tickets selling at K80.

The show is part of the band’s national tour launching its new album ‘Niugini Flavor’ which incorporates the culture and ways of the different provinces in PNG.

The album boasts 10 songs sung in different languages and style from Kerema, Morobe, Autonomous Region of Bougainville up to Mt Hagen, Chimbu and across to Manus.

Hit songs released from the album include Niugini Flavor, Sexy Mona Kora, Jix Ambe and Latrusanni featuring O-Shen.

David Beckham departs PNG

Beckham flew out of Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province in his private jet after spending 24 hours in the province.

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko confirmed that the soccer star flew out at 2:30pm to Nepal after a successful stay in PNG.

While in Mt Hagen, he spent a night at the Highlander Hotel and visited the Mt Hagen Hospital.

The PNG Under 20 women team was fortunate to meet the star while many fans throughout the country showed their frustration on social media of not getting to meet him while he was in the country.

Soccer legend David Beckham in Mt Hagen

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko is in Mt Hagen and welcomed the soccer legend at the airport on behalf of the Government.

Beckham will mark 10 years working with UNICEF by playing seven football matches across seven continents to raise more money for the charity.

Due to security reasons, his travel details were not issued to the media and the public.

His official program states that he will be visiting the Alai and Mindip Tribes in the province to promote a soccer match called "Tribe Vs Tribe".