Govt set record with national healthcare plan

For the first time in history, Papua New Guinea has a National Healthcare Plan.

In a statement, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said more than K6 billion is invested each year to improve healthcare.

“While we still have a lot of work to do, universal healthcare is becoming a reality around Papua New Guinea,” stated the PM.

“The amount of money a person has in their pocket should not determine if they can see a doctor or receive healthcare.

“Over the past five years, working with our partners, including churches, we have expanded medical services to remote areas and rebuilt hospitals.

“We are building new facilities including nursing schools, and we are working to establish a standalone medical university.

“We have trained 592 nurses, assigned more than 400 doctors around the country and currently we have 415 clinical health workers enrolled and in training.”

O’Neill said their vision is evident in the changes at Port Moresby General Hospital, Angau, Mt Hagen, Kerema, a new hospital in Popondetta, hospitals at Goroka and Boron, and many more.

“Port Moreby General, as an example, has transformed from a run-down mess only a few years ago, to the functional hospital it is today.

“This is happening all throughout the country,” said the PM.

Press release