National Softball Championships

POM softball names men’s squads for national champs

POM Melonas; Ansolom Bunbun, Consie Bais, Nerius Kua (Bears) Tony Williams, Ora Gimi, Dick Bart, Gerald Pokanau (Anti Pest United Brothers) Danny Tovia, Isikiel Tovia, Demas Tovia (PNG Power) Colin Mangot, Paul Bogan, Mika Zale (Lamana Yokomo) Consie Lumaris, Colish Pagal (Brown Eagles) Kepas Mormor (Defence) Jonty Malum (Saints) and Junior Totil (Gazelle).

Yokomo win 2016 softball club championships

It was a powerful display of batting firepower from the Yokomo men that won them back to back club titles in front a crowd of over 500 at Rebiamul Oval.

It started at the top of the second inning when a safe hit from Mark Tomangana allowed Paul Bogan home to score the first run.

Taki Zale and David Upaupa then got themselves safely on base and were brought home by the next batter in young Dane Chan who powered the ball past first base to score Zale and Upaupa and eventually come home himself in the same play.