Digicel Foundation

Making a difference in the community

The annual Foundation Day, a paid leave offered by Digicel PNG Ltd, allows employees to actively participate in community service through the Digicel Foundation initiatives.

The cleanathon, spanning from Digicel's Head office at Gordons to various key points like Wardstrip Primary School, Gordons Secondary School, Unagi Oval, RH, and Brian Bell Plaza, aimed to tackle prevalent issues like betelnut husks, cigarette butts, wrappers, bottle tops, straws, and juice containers.

‘BeLit’ promoting better literacy

BeLit aired on TVWan, which went on air on Monday July 17. It is a weekly program that runs from 9am to 3pm.

BeLit is Digicel Foundation's education channel carrying its major campaign for ‘Better Literacy' in Papua New Guinea.

It was launched as a pilot educational television channel in September 2021 in partnership with the National Department of Education, Digicel TV, Film-Bro and The Voice Inc to increase literacy and economic opportunities for young people.

Double classroom for Gawa Konda

Through its Education Infrastructure Development Program, Digicel Foundation built the double classroom at Gawa Konda Primary School which is located in ward 7 of Gena Waugla LLG of Kerowagi District in Simbu Province with a total of 430 students from grades one to eight. The school has been operating for five years now with little infrastructure.

School Board member and community leader, Michael Kigl thanked Digicel Foundation for the timely support of a new classroom.

Digicel staff participate in Changemaker week

Digicel PNG Foundation organized five volunteer event for Digicel PNG Staff as part of its Live, Love, Learn (3L) Program for the International Changemakers Week from the 5th to 9th June 2023. 

Gaubin in dire need

Dr. Gideon Gelesi standing in as a Technical Health Advisor highlighted pressing issues regarding the facilities need to stakeholders, the Government and Lutheran Church.

Dr. Gelesi pointed out to the officials at the gathering that Gaubin hospital was in dire of infrastructural development, as the current structures are worn out beyond time and gradually falling apart.

Another issue affecting the rural hospital is the need for new and young staff who are able to keep up and move efficiently in doing their duties, serving the 120, 000 plus people on the island.

Gaubin receives vaccine fridge

The rural hospital has been without a vaccine fridge and as such could not implement vaccination programs in its rural communities.

Digicel Foundation donated a solar powered vaccine fridge worth K57, 000.00.

The fridge will be used to store vaccines, blood samples, and has an ice maker. This is valuable when health workers travel into remote areas.

Digicel Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Serena Sasingian, enlightened people, staff and students at Gaubin about roles and functions of the Foundation and of their assistance to communities since its inception 2008.

DPM Rosso applauds Busu Secondary

Rosso outlined that out of 426 high and secondary schools throughout PNG, Digicel Foundation chose Busu because of its discipline and high academic performance.

When officiating at the opening of the new 4-in-1 double classroom on Monday, March 13th, Rosso told the students: “It always blesses my heart when I come here and see all those beautiful smiles on your faces and the cleanliness of Busu and everything else. I should say, this reflects on your staff, your principal, your board of management, na yupla yet.”

K1.6m Busu classroom opened

The building, complete with an additional K50,000 computer lab, is set aside for the Grade 12 and 11 science students.

Speaking at the event, chairman of the Digicel PNG Foundation, Michael Henao, said they have been looking forward to the opening of the two-storey K1.6 million building, which is the highest amount the Foundation has ever spent on a single classroom.

Computer labs launched under BeLit

‘BeLit’ is a flagship program of Digicel Foundation aimed at utilizing digital platforms for enhancing and making education accessible to all.

In 2022, six secondary schools in the nation’s capital were selected as part of its BeLit Program to set up computer labs.

These schools included; Jubilee Secondary School, Marianville Secondary School, Kila Kila Secondary School, Tokarara Secondary School, Gordons Secondary School and Badihagwa Secondary School.

Atlas Steel continues support to MOH

Branch Manager Peter Browne, shared that Atlas Steel PNG is pleased to remain a proud sponsor for the Men of Honour Awards since the beginning of the campaign in 2014. 

‘’This is the seventh year the company is supporting, now with a sponsorship of K25, 000. Additional support includes merchandise packs for each of the three selected ambassadors for the Momase Region,” he said.