Morobe province

Fighting continues at Lae’s Backroad

The clash started two weeks ago between Kabwum settlers and Sepiks over an argument that residents at the ESS gate to the church bus stop, near the mini dump, did not vote for the candidate who lives in that area.

An argument at a roadside market soon escalated into a confrontation involving stones, knives and bows and arrows.

Residents advised this newsroom that guns were used yesterday and this morning again, when police arrived on scene, where a shootout ensued.

Morobe Regional Exclusion 27

Mathias Awagasi was eliminated in exclusion 27, leaving only 10 candidates in the running for the governor seat.

The progressive tally:

  1. Songang Luther Wenge (PLP) – 93,166
  2. Kemas Tomala (ULP) – 67,810
  3. Ginson Saonu (PANGU) – 32,656
  4. Jennifer Baing (PMFC) – 28,368
  5. Joshua Menos (Ind) – 22,023
  6. Robin Yalambing (Ind) – 16,439
  7. Kasiga Kelly Naru (PNC) – 14,761
  8. Sheila Pati Harou (Ind) – 13,048
  9. Dr Joseph Garap (PNGP) – 12,299
  10. Solomon Peter Ikwa – 11,917

Absolute majority: 156,245

Morobe Regional Exclusion 24

The exclusion of Ezra Kelly leaves 13 candidates still in the running.

The progressive tally:

  1. Songang Luther Wenge (PLP) – 89,097
  2. Kemas Tomala (ULP) – 64,133
  3. Ginson Saonu (PANGU) – 31,345
  4. Jennifer Baing (PMFC) – 26,018
  5. Joshua Menos (Ind) – 21,270
  6. Robin Yalambing – 15,153
  7. Kasiga Kelly Naru (PNC) – 13,440
  8. Sheila Pati Harou – 12,286
  9. Dr Joseph Garap (PNGP) – 11,332
  10. Solomon Peter Ikwa – 10,994
  11. Mathias Awagasi – 9,256
  12. Judas Nalau – 8,435
  13. Douglas Kawa – 6,866

Frustrated with court process

Citizens are forced to stand in long lines – exposed to the elements – just to get their documents signed or stamped.

A long line forms outside the Lae courthouse every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at midday.

Citizens wishing to get a Commissioner of Oaths stamp on their documents start lining up outside the courthouse premises at 12pm – or earlier – waiting for the counter to open at 1.30pm.

Molina Dennis travelled all night from Madang to get her documents signed in Lae so she could access her superannuation funds.

RO challenges MPs

She made this statement during the signing of the writ for Finschhafen’s Member-elect, Rainbo Paita, which was witnessed by Lae’s Member-elect, John Rosso.

Joses issued the challenge to Rosso and Paita, urging them to support the Electoral Commission instead of waiting until the last minute.

Paita signs writ

He was accompanied by Lae Member-elect, John Rosso, and a large number of supporters, who braved the downpour to witness the event.

Paita was declared at 7pm yesterday at the Finschhafen Technical School with 23,504 votes, exceeding an absolute majority of 16,121.

His runner up was Theo Zurenuoc, who polled 4,157 votes.

After signing the writ with the Returning Officer, Fredah Joses, Paita apologised on behalf of his people for creating a difficult environment for the RO and her officials.

Paita Declared

His votes exceed the absolute majority of 16,121.

Quality checks for the 5 LLGs concluded this evening at the Finschhafen Technical School hall, where it was confirmed that Paita was far ahead with a margin of 19,347 votes.

Running behind was Theo Zurenuoc with 4,157 votes.

In third place was Boas Sengi Qosec with 2,114 votes, fourth was Richard Peter Mare with 656 votes, and fifth place was Wamung Waliong with 400 votes.

Paita was not in Finschhafen when the Returning Officer, Fredah Joses, made the declaration at 7pm.

Wau-Waria Count 23 Update

The progressive tally:

  1. Marsh Narewec (PNGDP) – 3,813
  2. Asher Patengi Liuliu (Ind) – 2,189
  3. Rex Mauri (URP) – 2,055
  4. Wayang Kawa (Ind) – 1,952
  5. Levi Wartovo (Future of PNG) – 1,395

The boxes in count 21, 22 and 23 were from:

  • Wau Rural LLG - Wards 13,14 and 17,18 and 19
  • Waria LLG - Wards 9

Ballots yet to be counted are from Waria, wards 10, 15, 16 and 17.


Finsch conducts quality checks

Finschhafen Returning Officer, Fredah Joses, stressed on the need to recheck and confirm their numbers before a formal declaration is made.

Finschhafen Urban was the first LLG to complete counting on Saturday, with only three ballot boxes.

On day two of counting (Sunday, July 24th), Kotte Rural (nine ballot boxes) and Hube (10 boxes) completed primary count at 3pm, while Yabim-Mape (11 boxes) and Burum-Kuat (12 boxes) completed theirs late in the afternoon.

Basil Jnr declared

Progressive results after exclusion 24:

  1. Box 33. Sam Basil Jnr (ULP) – 16,072
  2. Box 12. Russel Yakam (NA) – 4,877
  3. Box 26. Tae Guambelek (PNG Party) – 3,057
  4. Box 30. Luke Kewo Jnr (Independent) – 2,967
  5. Box 37. Dan Yansom (Independent) – 2, 295