Lae MP

Lae MP concerned with evictions

Rosso returned after three months of being away from his district as he was attending to his obligations as Lands Minister, including one month of COVID-19 hospitalisation. 

After opening the Unitech-Tent City Road on Thursday, the 1st of April, he met with Lae media on Saturday and shared his views on matters affecting Lae city.

Rosso: NHC Lae acted in isolation

Meantime an internal investigation is looming for this state agency, NHC Acting Managing Director, Kenneth Cooke is traveling to Lae to address it.

On Tuesday, Minister responsible, John Kaupa maintained that the issue of eviction notices on tenants in Lae did not come from his ministerial office, nor headquarters.

The Minister said he has always spoken on humanitarian grounds; that every citizen has a right to decent housing.

He said what transpired in Lae, was unacceptable.

Parliament adjourned due to lack of quorum

The only parliamentarian in the Chamber present when the Speaker walked in was Lae MP, Loujaya Kouza.

"Due to lack of quorum today, Speaker Theo Zurenuoc suspends Parliament for one hour. Only MP Lae on the floor," Kouza posted on Facebook.