Lae MP

Rosso warns settlers

This is the message from Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, after he was briefed on the ethnic clash at Nawaeb Block, in Lae, which has claimed the lives of two people and caused extensive damage to properties.

It is believed fighting started early this week after an armed holdup.

“Anyone instigating ethnic violence, that settlement will be demolished and evicted,” Rosso said.

“You want to come to Lae, you have to live and abide by the laws of this city and abide by the laws blo mipla ol Morobe.

Rosso extends sympathies

On behalf of Lae residents and the Board of the Lae City Authority and the Office of Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Rosso paid tribute to the longtime Lae resident, saying she was an outstanding female officer in the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

“She was committed, disciplined and hardworking and has served our nation diligently for 39 years,” said the Lae MP and Deputy PM.

“She was serving in the Lae Metropolitan Command as the Superintendent Administration until her passing.

Lae Team Applauded

“Such recognition at the national level reflects the commitment and discipline imparted by the coaches, team management and stakeholders into the development of sporting talents in Lae, especially at the community level in rugby union,” said Rosso.

“I am proud that PC Ravens represented my beloved Papuan Compound suburb and Lae City as a whole, and coming out champions at various tournaments, including the 2022 Trans Highway Rosso Cup Tournament in Lae.

Lae Roadworks Progressing

“The Malahang junction to Busurum section has been completed while work is now at Hunter towards Butibam village.

“It is a one lane access from Busu Secondary School down to Butibam junction as contractors are now pouring concrete on slabs from Balob Teachers College.

“Residents and road users are urged to observe and follow road signs for a smooth flow of traffic in and out of the roadwork area.

“Residents must also make it your responsibility to look after the contractor's equipment and machineries and also maintain safety for all road users.

Rosso keen on community events

He stressed on bringing back the days when residents would safely walk around and enjoy community events together.

The Lae MP shared these sentiments at the launch of Lae Festival 2022.

Lae to extend boundaries

Lae MP, John Rosso, said they have recommended to the Electoral Boundaries Commission to bring Igam and Bumayong under his electorate.

Igam falls under the Huon Gulf district while Bumayong is in the Nawaeb electorate.

“We’ve recommended that the boundary should go up to the Busu River, and on the other side, it should go all the way up to Yalu – to bring them all under the Lae electorate,” he stated.

“It will make it easier for administration, easier for development because parts of all these areas are physically within Lae.”

Lae MP concerned with evictions

Rosso returned after three months of being away from his district as he was attending to his obligations as Lands Minister, including one month of COVID-19 hospitalisation. 

After opening the Unitech-Tent City Road on Thursday, the 1st of April, he met with Lae media on Saturday and shared his views on matters affecting Lae city.

Rosso: NHC Lae acted in isolation

Meantime an internal investigation is looming for this state agency, NHC Acting Managing Director, Kenneth Cooke is traveling to Lae to address it.

On Tuesday, Minister responsible, John Kaupa maintained that the issue of eviction notices on tenants in Lae did not come from his ministerial office, nor headquarters.

The Minister said he has always spoken on humanitarian grounds; that every citizen has a right to decent housing.

He said what transpired in Lae, was unacceptable.

Parliament adjourned due to lack of quorum

The only parliamentarian in the Chamber present when the Speaker walked in was Lae MP, Loujaya Kouza.

"Due to lack of quorum today, Speaker Theo Zurenuoc suspends Parliament for one hour. Only MP Lae on the floor," Kouza posted on Facebook.