Way forward for Madang art

Robert’s trip down to Darwin was made possible through National Cultural Commission’s (NCC) MOU partnership with Paradise Pallet. Paradise Pallet is an organization owned by an Australian, Don Wotton, who promotes PNG arts down south, after spending years in Papua New Guinea. 

Since 2017, Paradise Pallet has had numerous exhibitions in Australia from PNG artists through the NCC.

Festivities planned for Lae

To be hosted at the Lae Botanical Gardens, the LaeFest 2023 will have a series of traditional food, exotic cultural singsing, village life exhibitions, carving and weaving and SME arts & crafts.

For entry, children will pay K1 while adults pay K2.

Live music will be provided by Red Ink Tern, Reks Band, Aponge Masalai, Duaks, Ethnic DJ and Et Kalsa.

Residents wishing to book a stall can visit the old district headquarters at Huon Road, Top Town for more information.

Arts exchange builds cultural links

The visit coincided with a sister city visit between Lae and Cairns, which was led by Lands Minister and Lae MP John Rosso.

The cultural visit included attending the 10th Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) which showcased Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait arts and culture from the city and surrounding region, right up to and including the Torres Strait Islands.

'Tyra Banks hated our guts'

McHale is a comedy all-rounder. He hosted The Soup on Channel E in which he satirised the entertainment industry and pop culture from 2004 until 2015.

He’s also a comedian, actor, (he plays Jeff Winger on the sitcom, Community), writer and TV producer.

McHale is in Auckland this September for a one-off show and he told Jesse Mulligan he likes to keep busy.

“If I’m not working I go faintly bonkers,” he says.

McHale has skewered many a celebrity, so does he have to avoid the Hollywood party scene?  

Why there is more to Middle Eastern art

I explained that the symposium, in part, responds to those who doubt the wealth, breadth and quality of modernism in this region. She laughed, knowing all too well the criticism that Middle East art practitioners face.

As an arts writer, I've heard the uninformed allegations countless times.

"The Middle Eastern art scene is a bubble."

"Its art arena is five minutes old."

"There is no institutional interest or acquisition."

Solomons looks to protect culture as tourism grows

With the help of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been running workshops to educate performers about how to protect their livelihoods.

The Ministry's Director of Culture, Dennis Marita, says many need to be made aware of their rights and how to benefit fairly from the tourism dollar.