Preserving the art of Markham clay pots

The people of Markham, especially Zumim, will have the opportunity to showcase their culture and the skills that have been passed down for generations in the recently-launched ‘Markham Pottery Show’, which is scheduled to take place by the end of this year.

Wage culture showcased

Drawing participants nationwide, the event brought together diverse cultural groups at Taiteges village in Logap, Kandep district.

Renowned performers, including the Nokondi Women's Singsing group, Asaro Mudmen, Hela singing groups, and Milne Bay's Mr. Ricky, converged with a significant representation from Upper Wage, fostering unity among local communities.

Vibrant traditional groups danced to kundu beats, and PNG music great Gedix Atege enthralled the crowd with music and laughter.

Rare whistle language on display

The event was held from October 4th- 6th at the Mambul Showground.

Among the 20 cultural groups that participated was the Eimpel Culture Group from Eimul village, who demonstrated the rare language.

President of Dreikikir Cultural Show, Harold Melehei, described the whistle language as a “unique lifestyle”.

“It illustrated the theme of our show,” he stated. “We want to protect and promote one of the unique cultures that cannot be found in any other parts of East Sepik Province and even Papua New Guinea.

Wabag gears up for cultural festival

The people from Enga Province will celebrate their unique cultures, exhibit tourism products and services to both domestic and international tourists.  

The cultural festival will coincide with the official opening of Haus Man (Traditional Engan man’s house) and Cultural Research Centre for displaying of cultural objects/artifacts, tourism products.

Western Province urged to promote identity

Western Provincial Administrator, Robert Alphonse Kaiyun is concerned that many languages and traditional dances in the province are slowly dying out, and local leaders are finding ways to preserve it.

Kaiyun said: “I want us to promote our own dynasty. If you are Yongom speak in your language, if you are Akyom speak in your language, Kiwai, Suki and etc.  I encourage you all out there to teach our young generation on our unique dances. If you don’t our singsing and dances will die out.”

Sel Kambang’ festival makes a come back

The PNG National Cultural Commission presented the renewed certificate for the Sel Kambang festival  to the festival organisers last week.

The commission also presented a cheque of K10, 000 to help prepare for the next Sel Kambang Festival in 2024 

After the hype of the North Fly District (NFD) Independence and Cultural Show 2023, ended on Friday 22 September, Jacky Nick Chairman for the NFD Independence and Cultural Show 2023, announced that Western Province will be sending the Faiwol Dancing Group to the Enga Cultural Show next year.

Dreikikir cultural show date confirmed

Chairman of the show, Harold Melehei, said they have decided to change the date to align with the 2023 National Cultural Commission calendar.

“With that, the show date is confirmed.

“Twenty cultural groups have been registered plus six string bands. The theme of the show is: ‘Whistle Communication – Embrace the Past and Enhance the Future’.

The Mambul Showground, in East Sepik Province, is all set for the event, with Melehei saying the event’s gold sponsor is Digicel PNG.

Festivities planned for Lae

To be hosted at the Lae Botanical Gardens, the LaeFest 2023 will have a series of traditional food, exotic cultural singsing, village life exhibitions, carving and weaving and SME arts & crafts.

For entry, children will pay K1 while adults pay K2.

Live music will be provided by Red Ink Tern, Reks Band, Aponge Masalai, Duaks, Ethnic DJ and Et Kalsa.

Residents wishing to book a stall can visit the old district headquarters at Huon Road, Top Town for more information.

Enga Cultural Show coming up

Forty-four (44) singsing groups from across all six districts of Enga, 15 schools in the area and several groups from neighboring villages will take part as well.

Governor for Enga, Sir Peter Ipatas, stated that Enga is currently under a 3-month curfew which prevents people from moving around between 9pm and 6am.

Melanesian Arts Festival Launch

This highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place in Port Vila, Vanuatu, from July 19 to July 31, 2023. The festival aims to honor and celebrate the rich heritage and identity of the Melanesian people.

It serves as a biennial gathering that brings together artists, performers, and cultural practitioners from various regions, fostering the promotion and preservation of traditional arts and culture.