Morobe province

BSP Cash Agents Serving Communities

BSP Lae Top Town Branch recently commissioned Modu Trading as a BSP Cash Agent in Derim village, as a service that will save people a K100 roundtrip to Kabwum station, Morobe Province for banking transactions.

The people of Derim in Deyamos rural LLG, Kabwum District of Morobe Province would travel two hours on a PMV to the nearest BSP Sub-Branch at Kabwum station just to access basic banking services.

Electoral roll causes issues

Frustrated Returning Officer, Kusak Meluk, said a large number of citizens could not vote because their names were not on the electoral roll.

Citizens who wished to vote stood in long lines for hours, just to find out that their names were not on the electoral roll. In frustration, they lashed out at polling officials.

A number of venues had to be closed early because of this, with Meluk saying the electoral roll issue has never been rectified.

“We’re going through the same problem,” he stated. “Something has to be done to rectify this electoral roll issue.

NBC Morobe Crew Attacked

The tinted 10-seater was stoned following a misunderstanding between residents there and the NBC crew at the Milfordhaven polling venue.

The NBC team reported that their camera was snatched by some men there, but was returned soon after.

After hearing of the incident, Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, and his team spoke with NBC and advised all media personnel to make sure they can be clearly identified as media, whether it means to drive around in a marked vehicle or wear their uniforms and ID cards.

Nawaeb Urban Queries Ballot Papers

Confusion arose around polling venues at Nawaeb Urban when the seal of the ballot box was broken to reveal Lae Open ballot papers.

Nawaeb Urban covers wards 11 to 17 in the Ahi LLG; areas from Malahang, Busu Compound, Limki Market, Speedway, Kamkumung and Igam and Bumayong.

The presiding officer of team 340, based at the Second-Seven field, Sismai Tilim, said they faced the ballot paper issue at 10am today.

Lae crowd builds up before sunrise

The venues at Three and Four Mile, including the outside premises of the National Polytechnic Institute of PNG, had voters gathering there before sunrise.

Residents around that area said the noise woke them up from their sleep, and they were quite alarmed with the crowd buildup.

An argument soon started between the crowd and security guards at Polytech; the latter refused to let the public in for fear of damage to school properties.

A group of police vehicles soon turned up and controlled the crowd, clearing the driveway into the institute.

Risk management training in Morobe

The recent training, which was facilitated by World Vision and partners, saw district health managers, nursing officers and outgoing clinicians from the nine districts of Morobe Province take part.

This was the Morobe Provincial Training of Trainers workshop on RCCE conducted due to the high hesitancy rate in healthcare workers not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lae to host first candidate forum

Made up of concerned residents, the Lae Voice for Change is organising to provide a platform for Lae Open candidates to share their policies with voters on Saturday, July 2nd, at the Eriku Oval.

“The event is free and open to the public. The candidates will answer questions from the public during this moderated event,” said the organising committee.

“A member of the group will moderate the forum.

“Specific rules governing the candidate forum will be announced during the event.

ECG Machines For District Hospitals

Braun District Hospital, a level 4 hospital under the National Health Service Standards in the Finschhafen District, and Etep Rural Hospital, a level 3 hospital in Tewai-Siassi of Morobe Province, will be receiving an ECG each, donated by Rotary Australia.

This follows a presentation last Friday, 10th June to the Secretary of the Lutheran Health Services, Katu Yapi, by the Morobe Provincial Health Authority (MoPHA) chairman, David Wissink.

Banzain hails running water

This follows the recent launch of the water supply project, which was supported by the Morobe provincial administration.

Women and girls from Banzain have been risking their lives to fetch water from the mountain for decades.

An elderly woman was recently carried off by a mountain runoff after a heavy downpour.

The head of Morobe provincial administration’s human resource department, Kusak Meluk, initiated the project in his home village.

Nursing College Declared at Braun HC

This announcement was made with the presentation of K200,000 by Governor Ginson Saonu to Braun Lutheran Health Centre recently. 
Present to witness the announcement were Deputy Administrators of Morobe Provincial Administration, Robin Bazzinuc and Miring Sigoling; the Principal of Braun Lutheran CHW College, Morobe Provincial Health Authority (PHA) CEO Dr Kepas Binga, and Morobe Provincial Planning Executives.