Women In Media

The purpose is for the creation of an initiative called Women In Media. Currently the Media Council has back tracked in its functions and roles and is trying to do a huge overhaul of its administration in order to bounce back in assuming its principal role again.

Project Manager of MDI, Joys Eggins, states that in order for the Council to carry out its run its agendas, there has to be a formal structure in place to achieve its goals.

Kevin Dayonga: The People's Voice

From the vanishing sun to the prospect of rainwater filling the ocean, his curious mind pondered it all. But it was the mechanics of radio voices that truly captured his attention.

Years later, Kevin’s passion for journalism and advocacy for underrepresented communities to give them a voice, led him to pursue a Master of Combined Studies in Media and Communications and Creative Industries at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, through the Australia Awards Scholarship.

Assault by Chinese couple grabs Authority’s attention

35-year-old Shu Ding Wu and her husband, 36-year-old Ming Zheng, were both found guilty yesterday by the Lae District court, following an assault on Christmas Eve on a Lae-based journalist.

While many families were preparing for Christmas day with last minute shopping, three young children, including an 18-month-old, witnessed the insult and assault of their mother caught by a Chinese couple in Lae, simply for telling them to put out their cigarette in their retail shop, which was in the vicinity of the Kamkumung Mobil Service Station.

Media council calls for Waide’s reinstatement

This follows news of Waide’s suspension for airing a story considered by the MNL Board, the Kumul Telikom Holdings Board, and the Kumul Consolidated Holdings Board, to be ‘negative’.

“The MCPNG sees this as a clear case of ignorance on the part of the chairmen and members of these boards, about the business of reporting the news,” said the Council in a statement.

“The media in PNG is in the business of reporting the truth. Regardless of whatever form it may take.

Journalist Robert Palme dies at 53

Palme, 53, of Kerepia in the Tambul Nebilyer District of Western Highlands, complained of chest pains on Thursday morning and had his children rush him to the hospital.

His condition deteriorated rapidly at the hospital despite attempts by medical staff to stabilize him and shortly after noon, he was taken off life support.

Friend and colleague, Frank Senge Kolma, said: “Palme’s death is a big loss to his family and his people and to those handful of us from the highlands region who earlier entered the unchartered waters of journalism.

“He leaves a vacuum.

Evidence will be made available for alleged ‘paid’ journo

Bryan Kramer stated that legal action may also be taken if these payments are not justified for the media house of the individual journalist concerned.

Kramer says if these payments are not lawful and no formal process was followed then legal actions will be taken against those involved.

“We can’t just go around making out payments, even as the member for Madang I cannot just make payments at my discretion,” he said.

Final farewell for late journalist

The funeral service of the late business editor of Post-Courier will be held at the Sione Kami Memorial Church, starting at 9:30am today. Her casket will then be brought to the Post-Courier HQ at Konedobu for the staff of PC to bid their farewell.

After Konedobu, she will overnight at Kaubebe, Boroko (PC compound opposite Aku Lodge).

She will then be buried at the Nine-Mile cemetery, outside Port Moresby, the next day.

The sudden passing of the veteran journalist has shocked colleagues in the media industry.

​Journo allegedly harassed at political rally

Jacob Marcos, a journalist with the Department of Health, was forced to hand over his belongings at Pari Village in the National Capital District.

Marcos, a resident at the Doru area in Pari, was capturing the rally of incumbent MP for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, when he was approached by a group.

“The group of men, including a policeman (full name withheld) demanded explanation of why I was recording the event,” Marcos said.

​Hold onto your journalism values: Reporter

This was what the Divine Word University Media Freedom Day keynote speaker and TVWan senior reporter, Meredith Kuusa, said during celebrations at DWU Madang Campus’ SVD Memorial Auditorium.

She acknowledged the event’s theme ‘Media’s role in digital era’, and said news organisations in the country were faced with the challenges of providing factual information ‘instantaneously’.

TV crew, tourists, scientist injured in surprise explosion on Sicilian volcano

The crew, along with a number of tourists, were drawn to Etna in Sicily to observe the spectacle of the active volcano erupting but were caught by surprise when flowing magma hit thick snow, causing an explosion that caused rock and other material to rain down upon them.

Volcanic rocks and steam from the eruption injured at least 10 people, witnesses and media reported, and the network's science reporter who was on assignment on Etna, Rebecca Morelle, described the experience in a series of tweets.