Media Freedom Day

UPNG celebrates Media Freedom Day

The 25th celebration was held at the University of Papua New Guinea, by the Creative Arts and Journalism and Public Relations strands of the Melanesian Institute of Arts and Communication, to recognise the work of the media.

Indeed today is the day to recognise the work of journalists around the world, members of the press including their Editors, Public Relations practitioners as well as journalism students gathered in Port Moresby today to celebrate the occasion.

​Hold onto your journalism values: Reporter

This was what the Divine Word University Media Freedom Day keynote speaker and TVWan senior reporter, Meredith Kuusa, said during celebrations at DWU Madang Campus’ SVD Memorial Auditorium.

She acknowledged the event’s theme ‘Media’s role in digital era’, and said news organisations in the country were faced with the challenges of providing factual information ‘instantaneously’.

Media freedom goes beyond a gun’s barrel: Lecturer

This was the statement from a lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea during a celebration of the international media freedom day yesterday.

“Journalists in the country do not often face these kinds of situations,” stated Jimmy Veneo, a journalism lecturer.

“That’s probably why it [media day] is not celebrated too much in PNG.

“Information suppression is also a way of abusing information,” added Veneo.

Veneo further reminded students about the importance of properly disseminating information as failure to do so would result in information suppression.

Time for reality check on PNG media

It is unfortunate that these events take place on the week the media fraternity including UPNG journalism students join the rest of the world to commemorate Media Freedom celebrations, commencing Tuesday,  May 3, 2016.

“Media freedom is the people’s right to free speech in any democratic State. If the educated few in a country like PNG feel that we’re not serving them well, they can defend their right to free speech,” Wafiwa said in a statement.