Media Council of PNG

Media council calls for Waide’s reinstatement

This follows news of Waide’s suspension for airing a story considered by the MNL Board, the Kumul Telikom Holdings Board, and the Kumul Consolidated Holdings Board, to be ‘negative’.

“The MCPNG sees this as a clear case of ignorance on the part of the chairmen and members of these boards, about the business of reporting the news,” said the Council in a statement.

“The media in PNG is in the business of reporting the truth. Regardless of whatever form it may take.

Media council concerned with recent events

In a statement released this afternoon, MCPNG said: “In our biggest year as international hosts to some of the most powerful nations on the planet; under a theme of harnessing inclusive opportunities and embracing a digital future, we find this disheartening.

“We have also seen what we feel is the start to leaders censoring public access to avenues of public expression. It is something we cannot sit idly by, and let continue without challenge.

National Press Club to boost media industry

The first in a series of others planned, the initiative aims to develop the journalism industry through specialised training and opportunities to use the training in the inaugural National Press Club speaker series.

MCPNG President Alex Rheeney says the concept had been talked about for years however, had not been established.

He said reviving the idea took around 12 months of planning and assistance from partners and wants the full support of the industry to maintain it.

Attack on media a shame for democracy, says Polye

In joining the chorus of leaders condemning the attack, Opposition Leader Don Polye has called on the people to understand the roles and responsibilities of media workers.

He added that in doing so, it would help them correct such misbehaviour.

“We also have to fully appreciate the value of freedoms of expression and information as promoted by our Constitution,” he said.

The assault of journalists is unacceptable, says Media Council of PNG

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) journalist Rose Amos was kicked and punched by two police officers at the scene of a confrontation this morning between protesting University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) students and the police.