Evidence will be made available for alleged ‘paid’ journo

A formal letter and evidence will be made available to the media house of the alleged journalist in the midst of the pay-out scandal raised recently by the Madang MP.

Bryan Kramer stated that legal action may also be taken if these payments are not justified for the media house of the individual journalist concerned.

Kramer says if these payments are not lawful and no formal process was followed then legal actions will be taken against those involved.

“We can’t just go around making out payments, even as the member for Madang I cannot just make payments at my discretion,” he said.

“All payments have to be consistent with the guidelines that cover the commitments of funds that contribute to development issues.”

Kramer says he will be reviewing the records and if there is no supporting evidence to justify this payment then his district development authority will take the position of suing or taking the journalist to court to have those funds recovered.

Julianna Waeda