Morobe province

Lae homes damaged

A community at Four-Mile, ward four, stage two, lost their properties during the February 17th torrent while over 40 homes were damaged when the storm water diverted from its original course and flowed through people’s homes, polluting drinking water, flooding toilets and displacing families.

Community leader, Pastor Joseph Nianfop, has lived at Four-Mile for 15 years now. He said this is the second time for such an occurrence.

K1.2mil road maintenance contract for Wau-Waria

Wau Waria District Administrator, John Orebut said the contract was awarded to the contractor following the screening and the approval of the contract by the district procurement committee members this month.

The road contract will be carried out in three phases. 
Phase one is from Warabung to Biaru, the second phase is from Biaru to Kasangare and the third phase runs from Kasangare to Sim in Waria local level government council area.

Limited fuel in Lae

This is a result of Puma Energy’s restrictions on fuel supply in the country due to ‘unresolved foreign currency constraints’.

At Top Town, the TotalEnergies service station put handwritten notices near its pumps, stating ‘No petrol’. Total gets its fuel from Puma Energy.

At Snackbar, Ryan Maiah of the Huon Gulf Service Station advised drivers at 11am today that petrol is no longer available.

“Puma Energy has fuel but they have an issue with the Government in terms of foreign exchange that is why they have not supplied fuel since last week,” he stated.

Menyamya needs roads, says Loifa

Farmers are forced to carry bags of coffee and walk for days to reach the nearest road and with coffee being a perishable product, the beans rot within a few days, resulting in wasted effort and time.

Local MP, Solen Loifa, urged the provincial government to hear their plea and build roads and bridges to connect Menyamya to Lae.

“Kofi blo mipla stil sting yet lo maunten na bus stap,” said Loifa. (Our coffee is rotting on the mountain and in bushes.)

Debts, preachers included in budget

Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, said this when presenting the K645 million 2023 budget yesterday at Tutumang Haus.

“Subject to finding out whether it’s a true claim or false claim, this budget will provide K30 million to slowly, slowly, settle the debts,” he said, referring to claims of outstanding services by service providers and individuals.

“And then K5 million, we put aside to help the preachers,” he stated.

“The preachers of the gospel, they will preach the gospel in the temple, in the cathedral, in the church, on the streets. We have to support the preachers.

K40mil for MPG claims

Morobe Governor Luther Wenge reemphasised that only claims that have been verified to be authentic will be settled, while bogus ones will be handed over to police to deal with.

“I will put it in the budget,” said Governor Luther Wenge.

“When the budget is passed, everybody can come and check through.

Yu laik kam giamanim loya, loya bai putim yu lo Buimo.”

Since last year, hundreds of people have been gathering at Tutumang to submit their claims, most of which are from the campaign period.

Governor clarifies tuition fees

“Ol bai baim displa skul fi go lo akaunt blo ol displa skuls,” he said. (They will deposit the fees in the respective schools’ accounts.)

“Nesenol Gavman em committed lo mekim, na ol stat peim K300 million go pinis. (The National Government has made the commitment, and has already started by paying K300 million.)

Ol board of management tasol mas sekim akaunt blo ol lo make sure displa mani kam insait o nogat. (Schools’ board of management need to check their accounts to confirm whether the money is there.)

Bart Philemon Drive opens

This time, it was at the Bart Philemon Drive, which was formerly known as Mangola Street; the road link between Top Town and Main Market.

The four-lane road is 400 metres long and cost Lae City K10 million.

When commending contractor, JV PNG Investment, Morobe Governor, Songang Luther Wenge, said he introduced the idea of cement roads back in 2003 amidst much skepticism.

In 2011, Wenge commissioned the first concrete road in Lae city, which was the Huon Road.

No fees in Morobe: Tangui

Provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said this directive covers elementary to secondary schools.

Late last year, he announced that all schools that come under the education department will not be charging school fees, while project fees can be collected, as per the provincial education board’s decision.

However, that decision has been amended following a directive from the Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, this morning.

Malahang eviction in final phase

The first phase of eviction was conducted on December 18th last year after an eight-month grace period, extended by the Court and Church, lapsed.

Two foreign-owned shops were pulled down to show stubborn settlers that the church was determined to clear the land.

ELCPNG General Secretary, Bernard Kaisom, said they halted the process during the Christmas period to give more time to settlers to pull down their structures, as well as observe the festive period.

On Saturday, January 14th, the second and final eviction process resumed.