Police arrest youths for drugs and homebrew

The 17-year-old was spotted by a police unit outside the Boroko NasFund office area this morning.

The teen will be questioned at the station.

Meantime, another youth, aged 16, was also caught around the Yakapilin secondhand area this morning.

The youth, from Tari, was allegedly under the influence of homebrew and was harassing vendors at the market area.

Both youths are at the Hohola station. 


Armed men steal car at Hohola

The victim, from Madang, was held up around 6pm adjacent to the main bus stop there.

Three armed men reportedly pulled the man out of the car as the car was slowing down at the crossing.

The incident was reported with Hohola units, who are now tasked to look into the incident. 

Police catch woman with 5kg of marijuana

The woman was intercepted by a police unit on sector patrol in the area.

Police spotted the woman because of her suspicious behaviour.

The woman, aged 34, was charged at the Hohola police station with drug possession and intent to sell.

She will be appearing in court next week. 

Police carry out awareness in community

Commander for North Bougainville Police, Inspector Aili Spencer urged the community to be prepared and be able to ask questions to the officers conducting the awareness. The locals were urged to clarify anything that has to do with the law and order in the community.

He said all sections within the police department will be represented by an officer and therefore it is better for people attend and ask questions if they have any doubts.

The public must not see this awareness as belonging to the police or those who conduct awareness, but rather a two way conversation.

Pala application refused

The application sought by Pala was to stay two proceeding filed in the Supreme Court and one in the National Court.

Counsel representing Pala from Manase lawyers, David Levi, moved the application before Justices Derek Hartshorn, Don Sawong, Collin Makail, Terrence Higgins and Stephen Kassman.

The three cases that he asked the court to stay was SCA 87/2015, the appeal before the Supreme Court by Finance Minister James Marape that arose from the Paul Paraka bills and cost taxation case.

NCD police on alert

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says his personnel will be out and about today to monitor the streets of the capital. This is to also ensure that opportunists do not take advantage of the situation.

The streets of Port Moresby are quiet this morning however, it is anticipated that the unions will gather at the Jack Pidik Park to go over some outstanding issues that they want the government to address.

Madang notes rise in traffic accidents

Madang police officer-in-charge of traffic Frank Makora says in 2014, Madang recorded 142 accidents while in 2015, it increased to 152.

Just this year, from January up to March, Madang recorded a total of 10 accidents of which three were fatal, two serious and five minor.

Makora said the fatal one resulted in the loss of three lives while another two accidents resulted in passengers getting seriously injured and a car being damaged. All these happened in a short period of time along the North Coast road of Madang.

Police ready to assist Ruth

The Coordinator of the Family and sexual violence unit, Chief Inspector David Kila responded to LOOP PNG’s story at the weekend.

“If you have this abused wife’s contact numbers, please ask her to call me and we will take it from there,” Kila wrote on our shared story on Facebook.

Ruth told LOOP PNG how she lived through “hell” for ten years. In one instance a bottle was smashed on the back of her head and in a separate incident, a wine glassed was smashed in her face, just missing her eyes.

Mobile policemen fight odds to get uni degrees

You have to have nerves of steel especially if you are a mobile squad member to be called by your superiors at moment’s notice to go into some of the most difficult terrain to quell lawlessness such tribal fights.

For Mendi-based Mobile Squad 10 (MS 10) members, Sergeant Danny Yawiro (right) and Senior Constable Simon Rainje (left) to combine police work in such a tough environment and do university study is no easy feat.

Kiunga under siege after man shot dead

Unconfirmed reports from Kiunga say a disciplined officer  shot and killed a man, which sparked the public to run amok causing law and disorder in the township.

Reports received by Loop PNG say the Army has moved into key points in the town and blocked off roads leading into the town centre.

The Army has issued a lockdown of people in the town area with movement of people in and out of town restricted  until the all clear is given by the Army.