Joseph Tabali

Armed suspects killed at Tokua

Guards reported that at around 4am, three buses dropped off students from the University of Natural Resources and Environment for their flights out of East New Britain Province.

Whilst waiting for the terminal to open, Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Joseph Tabali, said a group of men numbering around 15 discharged a shot from a homemade gun and attempted to rob the students.

The students retaliated and during the scuffle, one of the suspects, a 17-year-old male from Buka and Duke of York Island, was killed.

ENB preventive measures still maintained

The provincial police commander has reported a general adherence to protocol by residents.

East New Britain provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, said a majority of residents are following the preventive measures that have been put in place, including the setting up of roadblocks at strategic locations and the 8pm to 7am curfew.

PPC Tabali however, is discouraging locals from setting up roadblocks along the main roads. They are only allowed to block entry points leading into their respective wards.

Boat operators cautioned

Provincial police commander for East New Britain, Joseph Tabali, issued the caution after his men rescued a missing boat between the waters of Namatanai and Duke of York on Sunday, 30th December, 2018.

All five crew members, including the operator, were rescued with no casualties.

The boat and operator from Namatanai went missing on Saturday where unfortunately, they lost all belongings at sea.

The island of New Britain experienced rough seas and rain since Friday, the 27th.

Incest claims need to be reported: Police

PPC Tabali says for some reason, reports of incest rarely reach his office, even though they are aware of incidents occurring within the community.

“That’s a concern to me and I appeal to the people, especially the victims of those particular offences like incest, need to come forward and report these to the authorities,” he stated.

“So that we will stop these perpetrators from further committing this offence. It is animalistic.”

Frustrations reach boiling point, students clash with villagers

ENB provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, said the crux of the issue was similar to that of Gelegele; constant harassment and attack of students and staff by locals in surrounding villages.

“Those nearby villagers have been attacking students and robbing them when they catch bus from Kokopo to the campus,” PPC Tabali told Loop PNG.

He further pointed out a number of cases that had eventually led to the clash on Sunday, May 27th.

19 recaptured, 22 still at large: PPC

According to East New Britain provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, police have started a combined operation with the Correctional Service to recapture the remaining 22 escapees.

PPC Tabali said so far, the communities of ENB have been cooperative and forthcoming with information.

“I am working with the aim to get all 41 escapees back into the prison camp in Kerevat and police is working around the clock to get this done,” he said.

ENB Christmas operations underway

ENB Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tabali, is appealing to the people of East New Britain to make it their business to keep their celebrations indoors.

He said for residents to be mindful of the recent breakout at the Kerevat prison and that police are still on high alert in recapturing them.

“Especially for women and young girls, they should not be seen walking around alone but be accompanied by a male figure.”

He adds that due to the recent breakout of escapees, it is still quite unsafe for residents to be roaming about this festive season.

Cop arrested for drunk driving

East New Britain Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tabali said this after a police officer was charged for drunk driving, causing damage to property along the Malangunan Road in Rabaul, East New Britain Province.

The incident took place around 10pm on the 9th of December, 2017.

PPC Tabali said the officer was driving a Toyota Hilux that belonged to the provincial government, owned by the Rabaul District and allocated to the president of Kabiu LLG.

The policeman charged has been identified as 42 year old, Senior constable, Ukies Kibale, from Simbu province.

ENB shootout leaves one dead

The deceased (identified), from Kabakaul, Kokopo, was allegedly part of a 5-man group that robbed a mobile phone shop on Saturday, according to provincial police commander Joseph Tabali.

“Five armed suspects held up a taxi driver and directed him to the Zero Mobile Shop, where one of them stayed with him while the other four went inside,” PPC Tabali tells Loop PNG.

While the customers were ordered to lie flat on the floor, the men held up the shop owner and gathered all mobile phones, tablets and battery chargers into a bag, then tried to escape.

ENB commended for peaceful elections

“From the issuance of writs to the declaration of members-elect, the province has been trouble-free,” provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG.

However, the PPC made mention of a few law and order issues during that time, like the killing at Marmar village, Bitapaka local level government, where polling had to be deferred.

“There was also one bribery and impersonation at Duke of York Island and another impersonation at Gazelle.