POM traffic police out in force

“The road checks have effectively started on Tuesday (August 14th) and will continue until the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) ends with the Leaders’ Summit in November,” officer-in-charge of Boroko Traffic Police Senior Inspector Joseph Salle said.

He added that police traffic officers are checking vehicles for overloading, unlicensed and serious road safety issues which might trigger road accidents and loss of innocent lives.

Police need to grasp new traffic rules

NCD Metropolitan Commander, Perou N’Dranou, said at present he does not have a copy of the new road traffic laws.

N’Dranou said while the new Road Traffic Rules have come into effect on the 1st of June, police throughout NCD are still not familiar with it.

He understands police traffic officers are the only ones aware of the new laws.

N’Dranou said before police can enforce these laws, they must clearly understand it.

Police show support during Walk

Loop PNG observed the men and women in blue holding off traffic and providing escort to the front and the rear of the procession.

The Superintendent of operations, Michael Tilae, says this is part of the normal police operations for the city during the Easter season.

The police were out since 3am along the Cross route and helping to hold off traffic as well.

Safety tips from NCD traffic police

But at the end of the day, it comes down to both the driver and passenger to exercise caution when out on the road.

Loop PNG brings to you a few safety tips from the office of the Director, Traffic Operations, NCD, Joseph K Joe:

Loop PNG's 5@5

Police remove evicted families, set belongings on fire

Police forcefully removed evicted families from Gordon’s today by loading their goods onto a waiting truck while setting on fire other belongings.

Traffics gears up for upcoming events

Director for Traffics, Joe Joseph, said the officers who have graduated from their training sessions for 2018 are prepared to carry that out.

Joseph said this with regards to the upcoming Rugby World Cup event that will be held at the end of the month.

“Events hosted and needs our skill set to provide escort will help to build the training experiences of the officers to improve their skills where necessary, leading up to the Summit in 2018.”

Quiet Pom weekend: Police

Police report that there have been no major incidents; only minor complaints of noise pollution and drunk behaviour.

General observations by Loop PNG around the city noted that traffic was clear at all major traffic hot spots.

Meanwhile, daily occurrences of weekend brawls at the famous Six-Mile buai market was taken care of and brought under control by police patrol units.

Drivers are still urged to follow and abide by traffic rules whilst moving around the city.

Denser than usual Waigani traffic

Cars are currently lined up from the Institute of Public Administration roundabout to the University of Papua New Guinea, towards Gerehu.

Due to the 62nd UPNG graduation, traffic around the main campus area is moving at a snail’s pace.

Loop PNG was on site to witness impatient motorists loudly honk at pedestrians and street sellers that are crowding – and have spilled over – the narrow footpath at the UPNG bus stop.

Police officer robbed while on duty

Officer in Charge of Traffic in Madang, Sergeant Frank Makora, was attacked while controlling traffic at the crossing near Modilon Hospital.

He said he hung his bag (bilum) with his personnel effects on a nearby wall when a thug grabbed his bag and ran towards the public cemetery.

"I was controlling the pedestrians when this happened. Bystanders informed me of my bag being snatched and I chased the thug," he said.

During the chase, the officer tripped and fell. The thug then punched him and took off again.