Timber pierced SHP man’s head: Police

A Southern Highlands man was recently rushed to the Lorengau General Hospital after getting hit on the head with a timber, where part of it pierced his head.

Police in Manus have arrested 2 suspects for unlawfully wounding the Erave man at upper ward 6, Lorengau town.

PPC Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the suspects were drunk and approached the victim at his house where they hit him on his head with a piece of timber.

The victim was rushed to the hospital, where the embedded object was removed.

“Otherwise, he could have died had the timber penetrated his skull,” said PPC Yapu.

Kapin James, 27 years old of Waratalai, Penabu, Nalisopat LLG, and Manuel Popres, 18, of Tingou Masih, Lelemadi, Buichipeu LLG, Lorengau, were charged for unlawful wounding of one Kale Boso.

“Both suspects are in police custody and will appear in court on Aug 29,” said Yapu.

“Manuel Popres was further charged for armed robbery and escape from custody.”

Meantime, a 21-year-old of Tambulul village, Rambujo Island, Rapatona LLG, was charged for sexual penetration of a minor. The incident occurred on 6/8/17 at Rambujo Island.

PPC Yapu again appealed to the community to work together with police to maintain law and order in the province and to make the community free and safe to live in.

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