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Baki announces transfer directive for senior officers

Commissioner Baki in a statement said he had issued the transfer directives for operational expediency in light of current internal command and control issues and issues arising from the 2017 National General Elections.

Commissioner Baki said his transfer directives are final and he will not accept any refusal from any of the senior officers affected.

“They will take their posts as directed and with immediate effect,” Commissioner Baki said, adding that all movements are supposed to be completed by 31st October this year.

The 26 transfers are as follows:

Turi suspended

In a statement released late this afternoon, Deputy Police Commissioner Jim Andrews confirmed the suspension, saying it will be for a period of 21 days.

Andrews outlined that this is over allegations of serious disciplinary offences.








VIDEO: Turi wants Kalaut sidelined

This follows the arson incident on Thursday 05th of October, which almost saw the two storey police building at Boroko police station which accommodates the NCD Commander's office space, prosecutions and the CID.

Imelda Wavik with more

(Pictured -NCD Central commander Sylvester Kalaut)

Turi wants Kalaut sidelined

This follows the suspected arson incident on Thursday, 05th of October, which almost saw the destruction of the two-storey police building at Boroko Police Station.

The building accommodates the NCD Commander’s office space, prosecutions and the Criminal Investigation Department.

Kalaut should be sidelined for thorough investigations to take place, reasons Turi.

The blame should not be shifted on the key suspect (clerk) alone. Although investigations may prove otherwise, the commander himself should also be investigated.

Police boss clarifies reservists’ role

The clarification, from the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, follows concerns raised by the public on a number of illegal operations, allegedly by these officers.

Turi explained that these personnel operating under the urban safety logo are recognised reservists who are helping ensure the smooth running of the city.

The police boss was queried on some of their notorious activities, like an incident that occurred early last month where urban safety officers, in police uniforms, allegedly raided vendors at a hospital bus stop and assaulted a young man.

VIDEO: Turi clarifies police uniform scandal

This comes following concerns raised by the public about disreputable actions being carried out by these Urban Safety officers. 


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Sabama castrated men remanded at Bomana: Turi

This was revealed by NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi.

The men will undergo the committal court process to establish if they have a case to answer to in the National Court.

Meanwhile, the police brutality case involving a doctor from the Port Moresby General is still ongoing.

Resident Medical Officer (RMO) attached to the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Services, Dr Newman Berry, was brutally assaulted on May 31 at around 9.30-10pm.

He suffered a smashed nose and a ragged tear in his right eardrum, among other head and facial injuries.

New syndicate of hijackers: Police

This was stated by NCD police boss Ben Turi and the Superintendent Operations Fred Tundu recently.

Turi said there have been many instances where vehicles were stolen in a very obvious manner. And in many instances, this was never realised until too late.

Just recently, a number of vehicles had mysteriously gone missing at a car dealer’s yard. Police say they were driven away in broad daylight by criminals who had cut keys.

Turi adds that an insider is usually involved.

A number of these vehicles have been recovered however, not after they were vandalised.

​Do not buy vehicles on the street: Turi

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says police have gotten intel that criminals steal vehicles then restyle them.

The new-look vehicles are then sold to unsuspecting buyers.

When this transaction takes place, the buyer becomes an accomplice.

Turi says it is unwise to purchase illegally – when vehicles are sold without proper documents, it only means that it has been stolen and people should refrain from buying them.

One of the attractions would be the low pricing of the vehicles.

Konga investigations still ongoing

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, recently told Loop PNG that there have not been any new developments and that the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is still working on it.

He said more information is needed as it is not an easy case.

“People are hiding their tracks,” he stated.

Turi said police are slowly recuperating information and should be able to produce a full investigative report on Konga’s shooting in the coming weeks.