Police: Sexual offences increase in Manus

Police in Manus have reported an increase in sexual offences committed in the province.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said between 2014 and July 2017, statistics of sexual offences have increased.

Due to the rise in cases, he has raised concerns, especially of those committed against minors and within the family unit.

PPC Yapu said he will be working closely with the Community Development Office, LLG presidents and ward councilors to conduct awareness at their levels to address the issues.

Having limited manpower in the province, he will be asking for their assistance to conduct more awareness and educational drives to tackle this problem.

A total of 107 cases of sexual penetration have been reported. From this, 47 arrests have been made while 35 are pending arrest.

Cases of incest reported stand at seven, arrests are yet to be made on two reported cases.

“This is immoral and against the Christian principles, especially incest cases reported, where the fathers committed incest against their own daughters. These people are sick in their mind with disrespect to their own family units in the society,” he said.

With reported 28 cases of sexual touching, PPC Yapu said 18 arrests have been made while six are pending arrest.

Yapu said Manus people have Christian values and principles and are totally against such immoral practice within the family units.

He said another contributing factor is the refugees on the shore of Manus Island that have sexually abused young female victims and lured them with money and kind.

“We must all work together in partnership to address the issue and it is not only the work for Police,” Yapu said.


(Lorengau Police Station) 

Sally Pokiton