Detective Training School nearing completion

The training school is to be the last project infrastructure to be under taken by the Papua New Guinea- Australia Policing Partnership (PNG- APP) for 2016.

It is the second last project- a brand new Recruit Barrack was opened last week adjacent to the Bomana Police Training College.

The Detective Training School will see to the needs of detectives to improve the general approach to investigating reported incidents with the best investigative and interview practices for police duty and investigations.

Relatives of youth killed during eviction exercise call for justice

The eviction exercise was carried out last weekend at one of the five settlement zones at Morata and Wildlife settlement areas.

The settlements lie within the 1000 acres of land which is currently under development by developer Net Holdings Investment Limited.

The late Ira Ori was shot dead during a commotion between the settlers, the developer and police after the settlers tried to stop the eviction from taking place as they weren’t given an eviction notice.

Police will investigate nasty road accident

The man was hit by a speeding truck while trying to cross the road along the freeway near SP Brewery at around 3pm today.

Police report that the identity of the victim is still unknown, as well as the driver of the truck, who immediately fled the scene.

Police arrived minutes after the tragic accident and questioned eyewitnesses.

The police officers told the crowd to move away from the scene and tried to control the traffic as best as they could.

Police foil hijack attempt in front of bank

The incident occurred between 6-7pm whilst he was walking back to his car from the ATM.

According to police, a small group of armed men –  about 8 to 10 of them – were standing around outside and waiting for the man to return to his vehicle.

They then walked up to him and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t open his vehicle.

After realising that they wanted his car, the man threw his car keys into the BSP premises, causing them to fire several shots into his vehicle.

PM condemns police action after death of man

Investigations are underway both by the police Internal Investigation Unit and NCD police as apparently it involved NCDC police.

“The role of police is to mediate and resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner, and we are seeing situations where this is not the case.

“We appreciate the work of police who are doing their best to maintain peace and order in our communities.

“But there are a few Police that are not using reasonable means to address challenges they face and they jump into situations where they are trigger happy.

Trial date set for Eluh, Gitua hearing

Eluh and Gitua filed two separate judicial reviews in October last year following their termination over disciplinary reasons on September 23 and 28 respectively.

Their terminations have been stayed since Oct 30, 2015, pending the outcome of this review.

A trial date has been set for Oct 7 that will come before Justice Collin Makail in the National Court.

Review books were filed by parties on Wednesday this week. The trial will be conducted by way of affidavits or statements and arguments in court. No witnesses will be called to give evidence.

Securities at borders must be strengthened before APEC meet: PPC

Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby will host the APEC leaders’ summit and will be the biggest security test for the country since gaining independence in 1975.

PPC Gesa told Loop PNG in Vanimo that security must not only be concentrated in Port Moresby because any person can cross into the unmanned borders of Sandaun and Western provinces and travel to Port Moresby and stage an attack.  

He also revealed that intelligence officers from Papua New Guinea and Australia visited Vanimo on a fact finding mission this week.   

Fifth accused in Tatana shooting in court

 The 38-year-old Jeffery Sheekiot of Sumusamu village, Bogia, Madang was brought to appear in court yesterday following his arrest on July 28 in Port Moresby.

Sheekiot is alleged to be among a group of police officers who conducted a raid at Tatana village early last year while investigating the murder of another man, the late Harold Farapo. During the raid, he in the company of others allegedly shot the late Saleh Naime Tom, also known as Charlie Naime.

Pala calls on Baki to instill discipline

In receiving the court decision today, Pala said he is humbled at the decision of the Supreme Court which found that the warrant issued for his arrest from June 2014 was defective.

A three-man Supreme Court bench today declared that warrant void and of no effect, quashing his committal court proceeding that stems from that warrant. The warrant was taken out by Director of Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate Matthew Damaru at the District Court.

Criminals hijack Jiwaka government vehicle

The vehicle, a ten seater Toyota Land Cruiser with plate number HAP 139 was parked at the residence of the Program Manager for Provincial Division of Primary Industry (DPI) when it was taken.

Program Manager Umar Nuka told Loop PNG news that it was an unfortunate situation adding that it was the only vehicle that was used to execute all the DPI programs in Jiwaka.