Police manpower boosted for FIFA games operations

This morning while giving a brief rundown of police traffic operations, Assistant Police Commissioner Jerry Frank confirmed the engagement of the NSU and SSD personnel.

Frank adds that officers have split up operations to also cater for assistance to escort and ferry teams and organisers between the various match venues, training grounds and accommodation areas.

Residents are also being advised that a set route for transport will be confirmed and announced.

Security detail discussed in preparation of major events

The workshop is about coordination between all security agencies based at the Jacksons Airport

Security personnel from different stakeholder agencies like CASA, Police, National Airport Corporation (NAC), Air Niugini security as well as other security agents who are based at the airport all took part in the one day workshop.

The training covered how and which stakeholder would play a lead role in security and protection of the major events that PNG will be hosting in the city.

Police: Brazilian man allegedly held captive by family for at least 15 years

Police in the Brazilian city of Guarulhos say they have discovered a man who may have been kept captive by his family for at least 15 years.

Police in the city, which is in the greater Sao Paulo area, were on a drug raid Sunday evening when they entered a family home in error and discovered 36-year-old Armando Bezerra de Andrade in a filthy, stinking basement. Images of the room show a soiled mattress, padlocked windows and no light source. The door had no handle on the inside.

Police on full force at Morobe show

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said he has requested from the Divisional Commander for additional manpower from the two provinces.

It is understood the additional manpower at the Show ground gates will come from the Engineering battalion at Igam barracks.

Wagambie assured the public that police will cater for both the Morobe show and the city and to ensure there is peace and normalcy during the show period.

“I call on the general public to behave in an orderly manner and also take ownership,” Wagambie said.

Big Rooster outlets robbed

The Waigani and Erima Big Rooster outlets were robbed of their day’s takings around midday by five unknown suspects.

Police say according to witnesses statements at Waigani, about 4 to 5 suspects drove into the outlet in a Hilux Toyota, got off the vehicle and entered the outlet.

The guard on duty was held on gun point while the others were removing wallets, cell phones and car keys off from the customers who were seated inside the outlet.

One suspect was said to be taking cash out from the till.

Kua questions why police are protecting politicians

He said police processes  now seem to evolve to a point where politicians are clearly protected and quarantined from the normal processes of suspected crimes, investigations, arrests, charges and prosecution.

“What is clear is the requirement by the Police Commissioner that approval be obtained by his rank and file officers from him before an elected member of parliament is investigated, arrested, charged and prosecuted.”

Kua said the effect of this is that, a wall is built around these politicians.

Police to ensure safe celebrations in Lae

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said all manpower will be used at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium as arranged during the celebrations on Friday.

He said Police will ensure that the area is free from drunkards who would most likely spoil the event.  We want to ensure that individuals and families can attend this freely without being intimidated and harassed by hooligans.

“Police will be taking zero tolerance on drunks, be trouble makers, “he added.

Juffa condemns police actions

Juffa told Loop PNG that such illegal evictions are becoming too frequent which indicated serious problems with corruption in the Housing Ministry.

“I condemn the actions of those involved and call upon the Police to immediately investigate what is essentially fraud and theft.

“I also call upon Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to immediately investigate the Housing Ministry and protect many innocent Papua New Guineans who are becoming victims to the actions of corrupt public servants in these Departments.

“The Policemen used should be all disciplined,” says Juffa.

Detective Training School nearing completion

The training school is to be the last project infrastructure to be under taken by the Papua New Guinea- Australia Policing Partnership (PNG- APP) for 2016.

It is the second last project- a brand new Recruit Barrack was opened last week adjacent to the Bomana Police Training College.

The Detective Training School will see to the needs of detectives to improve the general approach to investigating reported incidents with the best investigative and interview practices for police duty and investigations.

Relatives of youth killed during eviction exercise call for justice

The eviction exercise was carried out last weekend at one of the five settlement zones at Morata and Wildlife settlement areas.

The settlements lie within the 1000 acres of land which is currently under development by developer Net Holdings Investment Limited.

The late Ira Ori was shot dead during a commotion between the settlers, the developer and police after the settlers tried to stop the eviction from taking place as they weren’t given an eviction notice.