PM to make statement on Condom Saga

This follows worldwide reporting of the police man who forced a young woman to swallow condoms at the Boroko police station in Port Moresby.

O’Neill says this statement will be part of his New Year Message.

Meantime, Police Minister Robert Atiyafa could not be reached for his reaction as the Police Minister.

“Rogue Cop” behaviour riles Opposition

Leader Don Pomb Polye said: “Our women, girls, children and the disadvantaged should be treated with respect and dignity.”

Polye said ‘this rogue behaviour’ angered him, describing it as ‘inhuman and animalistic.’

Deputy parliamentary leader of Triumph Heritage Empowerment party and Lae MP Loujaya Kouza described the cop, who forced the woman into the act as ‘sadistic’.

“Sadistic is the word which best describes the ‘rogue cop’, who made my sister to chew condoms. There is no degradation as low as that going to break her spirit.

Boy, 7, sworn in as Detroit police chief for a day

Seven-year-old Carter Widmer was sworn in Wednesday as "Chief for the Day" by the department's official chief, James Craig. He flew into headquarters via helicopter, slapped some handcuffs on his father, Lt. John Widmer, and spent time with a police dog.

That part was particularly gratifying, since Carter donated $250 of his Christmas money to the Detroit Police K-9 Unit.

Carter says he wants to follow his father into law enforcement. The elder Widmer says his son's temporary promotion was a surprise, but exciting for the family.

Business and police keep touch in Lae

President Allan McLay said the existing practice is that where there is a need for assistance from business houses, commanding police officers send their requests to the chamber’s office, which then passes them on to the business community in the city.

McLay recommended that this practice should continue so that good  communication and working relationships are maintained with support promptly sourced and coordinated. 

Hanuabada update: Investigators to go in with metal detectors

The equipment will be used as part of a more detailed investigation of the  shooting scene.

Acting Director of Crimes Moses Ibsagi says  this will see investigators  go into the big urban village of  Port Moresby during this week.

Ibsagi says that all 15 eye witness statements have been processed with investigators going over additional information that has been made available to the team.

Meantime, this time around, Ibsagi says that his team has been meeting positive feedback from the villagers who have all expressed confidence in the team.

Family to petition government on police brutality

Businessman and family member Michael Yai-Pupu says police brutality has reached unprecedented levels to the point where they are now considered the single biggest internal threat to national security.

“Police brutality and inhuman ways of treating people is unbecoming of a disciplinary force.”


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Shooting witnesses show up to give evidence


The main witnesses in the fatal police shooting that took place last week Thursday (November 26th) reportedly came in to hand their statements to police yesterday afternoon.

NCD police to begin pre-Christmas operations

Shooting witnesses show up to give evidence

Police Media Unit director Chief Superintendent Dominic D. Kakas told PNG Loop that the soldier and the aunt of the man who died in the shooting, Nelson Rema, had come in to give their statements.

The soldier, Private James Bono and Aunt Londe Pindia have reportedly given their statements to the case investigators who will begin compiling their crime report.

Earlier today, Police Commissioner Gari Baki called on the two as well as eye witnesses to come forward and assist the police in the case.

Kakas says that from the two statements, case work can now begin.


Police investigators: Gun found in chase vehicle

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has confirmed that homicide detectives found a home made gun with no rounds of ammunition under the driver’s seat.

Detectives also found one empty 5.56mm round, believed to be from a police issued firearm and one round of a full buckshot 12 gauge cartridge whose origin has not yet been confirmed.

Investigators  were first on the scene on Thursday (November 26th) and the following morning.

Police call on shooting victim’s relatives and witnesses to come forward

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says that a report is yet to be completed  for the shooting incidents as the relatives of the dead man have yet to come forward to police.

Baki reiterated calls for the injured soldier, identified as Private James Bono, along with the woman in the vehicle,  Mr Rema’s  aunt Londe Pindia, to give their statements to police.

Meantime, eyewitnesses are also being called on to help police in their investigations.