Mobile policemen fight odds to get uni degrees

You have to have nerves of steel especially if you are a mobile squad member to be called by your superiors at moment’s notice to go into some of the most difficult terrain to quell lawlessness such tribal fights.

For Mendi-based Mobile Squad 10 (MS 10) members, Sergeant Danny Yawiro (right) and Senior Constable Simon Rainje (left) to combine police work in such a tough environment and do university study is no easy feat.

Kiunga under siege after man shot dead

Unconfirmed reports from Kiunga say a disciplined officer  shot and killed a man, which sparked the public to run amok causing law and disorder in the township.

Reports received by Loop PNG say the Army has moved into key points in the town and blocked off roads leading into the town centre.

The Army has issued a lockdown of people in the town area with movement of people in and out of town restricted  until the all clear is given by the Army.

ESP Administrator and contractor in fraud claims

The duo were arrested by East Sepik police on February  15, 2016.

Police allege that K803,866.00 for Moem Barracks rehabilitation was instead used to carry out renovation project at the East Sepik Provincial Police Headquarters Building instead by Wewak Building Contractor.

Elizabeth Kaprangi  was invited for Record of Interview on Monday where she was formally arrested and charged for one (1) account of Misappropriation under Section 383 A (1) of the Criminal Code Act and one (1) account of  Abuse of Office under section 92 (1) of the criminal.

Joint Services College requires funding

During the opening of the reintroduced JSC, PNG Defence Force Commander Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo said they will need separate funding to operate the JSC.

He said the college is in dire need of financial, logistical and infrastructure support to see the JSC in operations and asked the Government to support them.

"To train the army, police and prison guard commissioned officers will require a separate budget.

"The infrastructure would include the refurbishment of Igam Barracks, which was built during the colonial administration with little transformation."

Joint Service College launched

It was launched after 36 years in hibernation and 40 cadets will be first to undergo 24 months of training with the last six months at their respective colleges.

Defence Minister Dr. Fabian Fok and Police Minister Robert Atiyafa launched the JSC. 

Five of those young cadet officers unattached were from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), including two women, eight from the Correctional Services (CS) and the rest were from the Defence Force.

The furzt classes will commence on tomorrow.

New police positions to uphold standards

During the Commissioning of the deputy police commissioner of operations Jim Andrews and the deputy police commissioner administration Raphael Huafolo this afternoon at police headquarters, Konedobu.

Baki said with these two positions now confirmed, these two seasoned officers will help him in dealing with the issues of command and control that is needed in the RPNGC.

Commissioner Baki says there is a need for the two positions to be filled so that they  could help in addressing the issues from their level down to the operational personnel in the field.


Hanuabada issue ultimatum over deaths

Chairman of the Motu-Koita The Way Forward group, Lohia Boe Samuel told LOOP PNG, “we will demand a timeline from police see arrests or resort to the unthinkable again. Setting up roadblocks.”

A planned get together by families and sympathisers of the two young men killed when police fired into the betelnut market at Hanuaba village on Saturday to be led by Lohia and his team did not eventuate.

This was to have taken place the final resting places of both men, beside Hanuabada village to commemorate their first anniversary.

Women in cell for assault

 The woman aged 29 bashed up her Madang neighbour after she suspected the 34-year-old woman of gossiping about her.

The suspect was picked up outside the Yakapilin second hand market at the Four-Mile area.

Police say the woman will be charged with assault and threatening words.

The initial attack took place on Monday January 18 at the woman’s East Boroko residence.

The victim had to get treatment for a bruised jaw and a dislocated shoulder after the suspect severely based her up.

The suspect is now at the Boroko Police Station.


Police nab youths selling drugs

Mark Yape and Tom Ipe aged 16 and 17 were arrested with about 10 kg worth of marijuana near the car wash area.

The two were intercepted by police who have been monitoring the drains outside of the Kone Tigers oval area.

The area has been under surveillance after tip-offs that there illegal drug sales were being carried out there.

Police picked them up with prepacked drugs around 10am this morning.

The two are now at the Boroko juvenile cells waiting to be charged.


Gordons police receive new tyres

The Station was given  10 tires by Country Tours Limited as part of the company’s community service obligation.

Wako Napasu Managing Director of Country Tours says that the tires were given to the station as a good will gesture to help officers work effectively.

Napasu says  police are a vital part of helping to ensure the good business environment in their area of operations.

He says that this is something that they company values and looks to help by continuing this gesture as they carry out a re-fleeting of  their vehicles.