Students carry out terrestrial research training

The field trip was part of their final year academic course on terrestrial research training.

The students were out to explore the different setting of plants and forest types on what they learned during lectures.

Biology Head of Division Dr. Lawong Balun said it was all about biodiversity conservation from the destructive act of people towards the environment.

Lockdown forces market prices up

This has forced prices in markets to sky rocket since last week leaving residents with no choice but to bear with it.

Since the nationwide lock down by the Government, road blocks have been staged at the four entry points into Port Moresby forcing some fresh food resellers to bring in produce the hard way.

Women resellers at the Boroko market say they had to pay for private trucks and taxi’s to bring produce from the Bautama entry point into the city.

Susan Kale from Chimbu province said this is why their prices for have risen up.

Counting: Central Regional completes quality checks

Central Province election manager Kila Egaba confirmed that the elimination process will begin late this afternoon.

He said there were a lot of changes to figures after quality checks.

After quality checks, Independent candidate Robert Agarobe has the highest progressive total with 24,190 votes.

Results for the top five after quality checks:

1. Robert Agarobe (Independent) : 24 190

2. Kila Haoda (PNC): 21 520

3. Rufina Peter (TPNGP): 16, 139

4. Boe Eno Daera (Independent): 14, 380

4. Nelson Saroa (PPP): 11,008

Counting: Kairuku Hiri progressive result: after count 35

Isoaimo leads on 10,498 votes followed by former Member and People’s National Congress Party candidate Paru Aihi in second place.

Count 35 top five results:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA) : 10,498

2. Paru Aihi (PNC) : 8281

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu) : 6907

4. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 4420

5. Scott Boio Morata (Indept): 4344

Ballot box for count 35 came from Bebeo, Oriropetana, Jeku and Inawaia Village in the Mekeo LLG.

The progressive total informals after count 35 is 1043 and total ballot papers counted so far is 50,784.

VIDEO: Central, Milne Bay and Oro election updates

Election Managers for each province have confirmed receiving all election materials from Port Moresby in the last 2 weeks.

Training of polling officials and teams will continue until on Friday June 23rd- a day before polling.


Caroline Ure reports 

Landowners’ royalty calculations completed

Acting Secretary for the Department of Petorleum and Energy, Kepsie Puiye, told Loop PNG that all calculations on how much in royalties to be paid to landowners from Papa, Lea Lea, Porebada, and Boera has been done.

The landowners from the four villages threatened to stop operations at the plant site on Monday (Queens Birthday) over outstanding royalties which have yet to be paid despite concluding all pre-requisites.

Central buai sellers fight off Highlanders

On Monday a fight broke out at Agevairua between a PMV truck from Mekeo and buai buyers who tried to forcefully board the PMV and take out buai bags.

Central police commander Laimo Asi says the Highlanders wanted to force the locals to sell their buai at a discounted price rather than go to the market and sell.

However, the villagers outnumbered the sellers and fought them off.

Police was fast to respond and managed to calm the situation before things got out of hand.

Mother and children in court for murder case

The woman, (all names with-held due to a minor involved in case) appeared before Magistrate Gerry Unjo with her 20 year old daughter, 23 year old son, and a 17 year son (the minor) along with her 25 year old son-in-law from Jiwaka Province.

All five were arrested and charged with one count of willful murder on April 2 this year at Kerema town in the Gulf Province.

It is alleged they were involved in the unlawful killing of Thomas Maroa Posou on February 7 this year at, Kerema town.

18 LLG’s go into by-elections

Their writs were issued by the acting Governor General, Leo Dion.

For Central provinces the Kairuku rural ward 5, Koiari Rural ward 2, Rigo coast wards 2, 9 and 10 will all be going for their by-elections.

In Manus, Bisakani rural Ward 8, Tetidu Rural Ward 6, Rapatona Rural Ward 1 and Aua Wuvulu rural ward 5.

While in Morobe province, Buang rural and Wau Bulolo urban will both go to the polls for their president seat.