Wafi-Golpu LOs dissatisfied

President of the Babuaf Landowner Association, Jack Raban, said while he welcomes Prime Minister James Marape’s update on the progress of negotiations, they want to take part in discussions about the break-up of equities and royalties.

Yesterday, at the mining development forum for special mining lease (SML) 10 in Lae, PM Marape announced a 10 percent equity stake for landowners and the provincial government, along with 3 percent in royalties.

Successful hosting of CANCONEX

President of the Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Anthony Smare, outlined this when extending their gratitude to the 846 registered attendees at this afternoon’s closing of the event at the PNG University of Technology in Lae.

CANCONEX, which focused on maximising benefits and opportunities for landowners and landowner companies, had the Mineral Resources Development Company as its principal sponsor, had four platinum sponsors and 13 gold sponsors.

CANCONEX Concludes

Described as a national event that, for the first time ever, focused on landowners and landowner companies, CANCONEX attracted 846 registered attendees, including five landowner companies in the mining and petroleum sector, and multi-national and national companies.

Before officially closing the event, Gulf Governor, Sir Chris Haiveta, reemphasised the Prime Minister’s sentiments on “local content”, describing it as a crucial part in the investment and development of mining and petroleum projects.

Landowners challenge Forest deal

The signing ceremony for the agreement is scheduled to take place today, June 13th, 2023.

The landowners argue that the FMA infringes upon their rights and have garnered the support of Pomio Member of Parliament, Elias Kapavore.

In a letter addressed to the relevant authorities, Kapavore highlighted the concerns raised by the landowners from the Melkoi Local Level Government (LLG) in Pomio District and the Gasmata LLG in Kandrian Gloucester District.

He stressed the importance of excluding the local forest areas from the proposed Ania Kapiura Fulleborne FMA.

Foe PDL 2 LOA unhappy

The Namaporo Landowner Association and the Foe Landowner. 

Foe Association Chairman, Johnny Yawari affirmed they are the principal signatories to the gas agreement and also licensed based LBSA in Kaibo; Moro representing 139, 96 for Upper Foe, and 45 for Lower Foe.

He said the alterations in the ILG decreasing the number from 139 to only 16 will cause confusion and chaos among the landowner beneficiaries.

Yawari is now calling on the Department of Petroleum & Energy to revert the decision, and consult with the Foe Association as the umbrella association.

Landowners Support Carbon trading

The PNGFA said they have given consent prior to any such permit issuance and is a start of a process where these carbon projects will require ongoing consultations and consent at the village level and internationally recognised accreditation.

One of the developers PNGFA has been liaising with is Mayur Renewables and with its International Carbon development network are progressing a pilot program with Forestry whilst following CCDA regulation that seeks to be accredited by VERRA as a Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) project. 

Landowners meet Barrick CEO

A high-level Barrick team have been in Port Moresby for a month now negotiating with the State terms for reopening Porgera Mine.

The PLOA Negotiating Committee have been on the ground in Porgera to discuss with Special Mining Lease (SML) clan leaders and their alternates, as well as the wider SML landowner community the importance of landowners having direct control over benefits and royalties generated by the mine over the next twenty years.

Logger accused of defying customary protocol

Jonathan Mesulam said he has given the firm seven days’ notice to compensate and remove their logging machines.

On the 6th of January, the landowners put up the gorgor plant at the logging site as taboo; a custom in New Ireland society which bars individuals from entering another person’s territory, and one which developers in the province are all too familiar with.

However, the company did not honour this customary protocol. Instead, they removed the gorgor and continued operating.

Fiji landowners hail rejection of Malolo project

Fiji's Environment Department has reportedly revoked Freesoul Real Estate's Environment Impact Assessment approval, following substantial environmental damage to the island.

The headman at Solevu Village on Malolo, Orisi Vuninavanua, said more than 20 tourism operations were on Malolo.

There was not enough space for more development, Mr Vuninavanua said.

The alleged damage caused by the firm to beaches, mangroves and reefs had left landowners angry and they would seek compensation from the company, he said.

Summit for traditional landowners

Over the next four months, regional consultations will be held between landowners, developers, financial institutions and government agencies over customary land.

The first summit will be next month in Port Moresby, and will target stakeholders and partners in customary land development, including customary landowners.

“We want to hear your suggestions and recommendations on how we can make customary land issues and the laws more better to serve our customary landowners and people,” said Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko.