Local Level Government

Increased LLGs for ENBP

Deputy ENB Provincial Administrator for District and LLG Services, Nicholas Larme, said from the 18 LLGs, the province now has an additional 5 rural LLGs of Inland Pomio, Mamusi-Yana, Vunadidir, Livuan and Open Bay.

These 5 LLGs were split from the merged LLGs of Central Inland Pomio and West Pomio Mamusi in Pomio District, and Toma-Vunadidir, Livuan-Reimber and Lassul-Baining in Gazelle District.

MKA reps declared

The last two reported declarations made today were Kirakira East and Elevala Laurabada.

Counting for the ward councillors and chairmanship of the Motu Koitabu Assembly continued into day two today.

Council wards of Pari Taota, Pari Taurama and Kirakira of Motu Koitabu East were declared.

Sitting ward councillor of Kirakira Arutu Bake was voted back.

Council wards of Poreporena Laurabada, Poreporena Lahara and Elevala Laurabada of Motu Koitabu East were also declared.

LLG elections set

Minister for Provincial Affairs and Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, announced this today in Port Moresby.

Isifu also clarified the election of the LLG Presidents.

Under the 2018 Budget the National Government has budgeted K100 million to conduct the LLG Elections.

Minister Isifu said despite the challenges the country is currently facing, the Government will find the money to host the elections.

Defer LLG polls, recommends Gamato

He made the recommendation in his advice to the Minister last Thursday, 26 April, in Port Moresby.

This follows the receipt of three written legal opinions on the subject from the Acting Secretary for Justice & Attorney General, Dr. Lawrence Kalinoe, State Solicitor Daniel Rolpagarea and the Secretary for Constitutional & Law Reform Commission, Dr. Eric Kwa.

Rigo gets one new LLG

Returning Officer for Rigo District Virgil Waisa said the district established a fourth LLG last year due to the large land mass and increasing population.

Rigo District has a total area of   5,072 km2 and a total population of 56,509 from the 2011 National Census.

The current three districts are Rigo Central Rural, Rigo Coastal Rural and Rigo Inland Rural.

Rigo Inland has been split into two LLGs called Rigo North and Rigo East.

Waisa said with the establishment of the new LLG, basic services and development projects can be delivered faster.   

Election times remain unless law changes, say Gamato

Speaking to political party executives in a recent workshop, Gamato said he was requested by the Government to separate both elections.

However, he could not under the current provisions of the Organic Law on National Elections and the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government.

“I’ve written to Prime Minister advising him that unless there is change in law, we have to run them concurrently,” said Gamato.

National and LLG elections run over the same period however, polling dates vary.

18 LLG’s go into by-elections

Their writs were issued by the acting Governor General, Leo Dion.

For Central provinces the Kairuku rural ward 5, Koiari Rural ward 2, Rigo coast wards 2, 9 and 10 will all be going for their by-elections.

In Manus, Bisakani rural Ward 8, Tetidu Rural Ward 6, Rapatona Rural Ward 1 and Aua Wuvulu rural ward 5.

While in Morobe province, Buang rural and Wau Bulolo urban will both go to the polls for their president seat.