New resort for Lae

Governor Ginson Saonu said the resort will be built along the coastline of Wagang Village (Sipaia) from the mouth of Bumbu River to Busu River.

He made these remarks whilst opening the three-day workshop for Morobe Tourism at Wagang Village outside Lae City on Monday, June 29th.

Governor Saonu said the base foundation of tourism in Morobe can be identified on church history at Finschhafen, War History, administrative history at Salamaua and Gold History at Wau- Bulolo.

Man swept away by flood after betelnut run

He was returning from a betelnut supply run to remote Tekadu, in the Wau Rural LLG of Morobe Province.

Local authorities confirmed that the man was swept away by the river’s strong currents after he lost his footing on a log connecting the riverbanks.

Eyewitness and police reservist, Ben Bowney, who was with the man and 40 other locals who travelled to remote Tekadu, witnessed the incident.

Bowney said they mobilised and conducted a search, but were unsuccessful in locating the man.

Morobe presents record K484.6m provincial budget

Governor Sauno described their budget as a “revolutionary budget” which introduces reforms aimed at setting the foundations for growth and prosperity of Morobe Province.

The governor informed the Treasurer that his government was reshaping rural development in Morobe through direct funding of wards, local level governments (LLGs) and districts.

Funding, vehicles presented to Morobean LO groups

The presentation was done at Bagava Village of Hengambu Tribe, which saw funding support of K500,000 each to the three major tribal landowner group associations of Hengambu, Yanta and Babuaf.

He further presented three new Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles to each of the land owner association groups.

Furthermore, the special mining lease (SML 10) Women’s Landowner Association was presented K300,000 as well.

18-year sentence for Morobe murder

Jimmy Somo of Gomena village pleaded guilty before the Lae National Court to attacking Kove Gomena, which led to his death.

Gomena died on 5 March 2016 from injuries inflicted by his biological brother, Sep Gomena and Somo.

The deceased that day armed himself with two bush knives and was acting violently. In the course of this, he was said to have cut the baby who was then sleeping in a bilum.

In retaliation, men from the community charged at the deceased, who dropped the bush knife and surrendered to them.

Residents advised of drill rigs

Residents in Morobe have been advised to take note of the presence of two drill rigs operating near Lae, along the Markham River valley, and on the Atzera Range.

WGJV stated that the rigs are drilling shallow holes, to depths of 70 metres, to investigate the suitability of ground conditions at a number of locations.

This is part of the overall current studies to examine potential infrastructure options and the feasibility for the Wafi-Golpu project.

VIDEO: New Morobe & Call Out to Basa

This is according to party leader Sam Basil and his team of 7 other Morobean political leaders.
Basil told the media today how a united front will change the province for the better.


Meredith Kuusa with more 

COUNTING: Morobe’s progressive results

Morobe set for polling

Provincial Returning Officer, Simon Soheke said local level governments of Lae, Ahi, Wampar and Nawae Urban will conduct one day polling on Thursday June 29.

He said in Morobe alone more than 400 thousand eligible voters will cast their votes starting this Saturday.

Soheke said most polling materials have been distributed, while materials for about four districts have yet to be sent out.

​Butibam road to be resealed

The 1.5 kilometre road from Kamkumung passing through Butibam village, and connecting Busu Road, will cost the Morobe Provincial Government K1.9 million.

The project is a commitment made by Naru during the opening of the Butibam Resource Centre, funded by the Lae District Development Authority (DDA), in August last year.

“This project will commence within the next few days and it will take eight weeks to complete,” the Governor said during the official ground breaking ceremony last Saturday.