Regional Elimination Set For Lae

His only concern lies with the rate of extraction, how fast the ballot boxes can be moved.

However, he is confident that Morobe will be ready on the target date of July 29th, when the writs are to be returned.

Meantime, counting for Lae Open and the regional seat will be conducted in the Sir Ignatius Kilage indoor complex, which has been converted into a COVID-19 hospital.

“But it’s been sanitised; they’re cleaning it and disinfecting it,” Soheke assured.

Increase in Morobe’s female candidates

Twenty-two female candidates in Morobe have nominated to contest nine of the 11 seats in the province.

This year’s elections has seen seven more female candidates nominate, compared to 2017 where only 15 raised their hands to contest 7 seats.

Six female candidates are contesting the Nawaeb Open seat, the regional seat has four, three in Markham Open, two female candidates each for Bulolo, Huon Gulf and Tewai-Siassi, and one female candidate each for Finschhafen, Menyamya and Wau-Waria.

Kabwum and Lae have no female contestants.

New school for Nawaeb

The establishment of Saonu Primary School, stemmed from a K500,000 funding allocation back in 2021.

The project includes to new double classroom, two teacher’s houses, water project and site fencing. The rest of the school infrastructure is being established, and is expected to be completed before the 2023 Academic Year opens to take its first batch of students.

The school will be feeder school to Nawaeb Lutheran High School and Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School.

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu is sure the school will attract more government services to the area.

Temporary road access at Chinatown

The Lae City Authority said these will be temporary road access as work continues on the Butibam Road.

These two street roads are linked to Nathatches Street.

“Concreting work on one lane of the road should be completed by next week and work on the other lane will commence thereafter,” said LCA.

“And this election will not affect or stop any of the projects currently on foot.”

Work extends to other Eriku streets

Sealing will commence soon.

The Lae City Authority outlined that work on Lae Secondary and Oak Street roads, with the back of Raumai 18 Supermarket, will commence shortly as contract has already been awarded to R&Sons Construction Limited.

“The deteriorated Lae City roads need more than K250 million to fix all of them,” said the LCA.

“The yearly K3 million DSIP infrastructure component is insufficient but with the support of the national and provincial governments, Lae City has literally seen changes taking place in all sectors.

Morobe update: Over 70 nominate on day 6

Among the 78 that nominated for the 11 seats in Morobe were an additional three regional candidates, bringing the total number of regional candidates to 33, compared to only 25 in the 2017 general elections.

Former Bulolo MP, Samson Napo, has now raised his hand to contest the regional seat under the People’s Progress Party.

The 69-year-old, who is from Buang, contested for the Bulolo Open seat in the 2017 elections as an independent candidate.

Over 190 Candidates In Morobe

This figure is a cumulative total from Thursday, May 19th to Tuesday, May 24th. Morobe Province had nine electorates until the recent split of Bulolo district, which will see candidates vying for the new Wau-Waria seat.

The Morobe seats in contention for the 2022 national general elections are: Morobe regional, Bulolo, Finschhafen, Huon Gulf, Kabwum, Lae, Markham, Menyamya, Nawaeb, Tewai-Siassi and Wau-Waria.

According to the Morobe Provincial Electoral Commission, Lae district nominations have been quiet and without much fanfare, compared to 2017.

LCA cautions drivers

The Lae City Authority said Lae needs the roadworks that are happening, adding that the problem is, while the roads are being improved, the delays lead to frustration.

“This causes some drivers to do dangerous things, like speed where we shouldn’t, or drive on the wrong side of the road or on cement which is curing,” said the LCA.

“We are a walking nation and when drivers speed; go the wrong way down a road or take shortcuts then our pedestrians are at risk.

Man murders cousin over money

ENB Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Joseph Tabali said the police report stated that the deceased Mathew Yasaking, was allegedly attacked and wounded with a bush knife. Yasaking who resides with his family at Raulava plantation, was in his house when he was approached by the suspect at around 5pm.

PPC Tabali said the disagreement came about after a mediation between the suspect and the deceased regarding money that the deceased got from the suspect. After the mediation the suspect was not happy with the decision and decided to attack the deceased.

MiBank reaches into remote Morobe

Through USAID’s PNG Lukautim Graun Program (LGP) partnership and the micro bank, people living in rural and remote communities like Nasuapum are now receiving access to banking services. Such services have increased opportunities for improved sustainable and renewable livelihood activities and brings the people into the formal financial sector giving them access to a range of MiBank financial services.

Increased access to financial services such as micro and small loans to start businesses is expected to directly reduce pressure on biodiversity and forest habitats.