Video highlights climate crisis

On Ormot Island in the Morobe province, the islanders share the impacts of the shrinking islands due to the rise in sea level.

Ormat Islander Sipora Nargara said, “We are islanders. We live on fish and there is no fish where they wanted us to resettle. We are not used to life there.”

In Milne Bay, provincial disaster officer Steven Tobessa said the province has over 600 small islands and atolls. He anticipates locations for these islanders in the near future.

Focus on Salamaua

Residents are encouraged to visit the Huon district and enjoy the breath-taking natural wonders such as waterfalls, go snorkeling in the clear-blue water or trek up the mountains.

Spending money in the community keeps it circulating within the province. Ward 16 councilor, Philemon Tomala, said locals have seen the potential and are now working to get setups, similar to Buagong Lodge, in place.

“We’re just about to come into, tap into that area as well,” Tomala stated.

200 locals graduate

The training comes under the Triple 1 Policy of the Morobe Provincial Government. 111 stands for 1 day, 1 person, 1 kina.

Those who graduated on Sunday 14th February have been trained and certified to be more productive in their respective projects.

“The Triple 1 Policy of MPG serves to make Morobe Province a self-sustaining province,” emphasised Governor Ginson Saonu.

Governor Saonu said the SME Program for Morobe has reached another milestone with the Christian Church Partnership Program with the ELC PNG Parish of Wau.


Morobe to take state to court

This is based on advice and consultation with relevant community and church leaders of Morobe.

“In doing so and as the duly mandated political leader of Morobe, I call on every Morobean, in all corner of Morobe, to join me in fighting against Deep Sea Tailings Placement – DSTP,” said the governor.

“Our position has been to say ‘yes to Wafi-Golpu, no to DSTP’. That remains the position of the people of Morobe.

“I wish to announce that our Lawyers have been instructed to commence legal proceedings without delay against DSTP.”

Morobe athlete joins peers in US

The Finschhafen born 21-year-old first attracted attention in 2016 when he won gold in both the 100m and 400m at the Melanesian U18 Championships in Suva.

After graduating from the Lae Secondary School, he trained full time with the PNG athletics team in 2019 in preparation for the Pacific Games, where he was a member of the gold medal winning men’s 4*400m relay team.

During the lead up to the Games, he clocked a time of 47.85 seconds for the 400m at the Thailand Open and also competed at the World Relay Championships and the Oceania Championships in Townsville.

Morobean women ensured smooth medivac

The eight women used brute force to break open a welded gate for Manolos to access its fuel depot and smoothly conduct its operations.

The situation arose when the Morobe Sustainable Investment Ltd, a provincial government business arm, locked their main gate and welded the depot gate shut early this week over claims of rental arrears.

Fuel trucks and the Manolos ambulance drive into the MSIL premises to access the depot gate.

New resort for Lae

Governor Ginson Saonu said the resort will be built along the coastline of Wagang Village (Sipaia) from the mouth of Bumbu River to Busu River.

He made these remarks whilst opening the three-day workshop for Morobe Tourism at Wagang Village outside Lae City on Monday, June 29th.

Governor Saonu said the base foundation of tourism in Morobe can be identified on church history at Finschhafen, War History, administrative history at Salamaua and Gold History at Wau- Bulolo.

Man swept away by flood after betelnut run

He was returning from a betelnut supply run to remote Tekadu, in the Wau Rural LLG of Morobe Province.

Local authorities confirmed that the man was swept away by the river’s strong currents after he lost his footing on a log connecting the riverbanks.

Eyewitness and police reservist, Ben Bowney, who was with the man and 40 other locals who travelled to remote Tekadu, witnessed the incident.

Bowney said they mobilised and conducted a search, but were unsuccessful in locating the man.

Morobe presents record K484.6m provincial budget

Governor Sauno described their budget as a “revolutionary budget” which introduces reforms aimed at setting the foundations for growth and prosperity of Morobe Province.

The governor informed the Treasurer that his government was reshaping rural development in Morobe through direct funding of wards, local level governments (LLGs) and districts.

Funding, vehicles presented to Morobean LO groups

The presentation was done at Bagava Village of Hengambu Tribe, which saw funding support of K500,000 each to the three major tribal landowner group associations of Hengambu, Yanta and Babuaf.

He further presented three new Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles to each of the land owner association groups.

Furthermore, the special mining lease (SML 10) Women’s Landowner Association was presented K300,000 as well.