Take ownership of law and order

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Jacob Singura, said they should not expect police only to maintain peace in their communities.

“This is my appeal to the people of Morobe and Lae city, police work is not only for police officers,” he stated.

“Maintaining peace and security is everyone’s responsibility.

“We all have to be working together.

“Respect is a two-way thing,” he further told his officers.

“If we respect the public, they will respect us.”

Not for Morobeans only

Governor Wenge repeated the requirements to hundreds of tertiary students today at Tutumang Haus.

Pikinini mas stat lo elementri lo Morobe, na pinis lo Morobe,” he said.

 “Yu Sipik man, pikinini blo yu skul lo hia from elementary to Grade 12, you must produce the certificate to prove your kid went to elementary to Grade 12 in Morobe Province.

“That’s the minimum requirement.

“And you’ll get a 100 percent scholarship.

Philemon, Ahi LOs acknowledged

Before cutting the ribbon to officially open the four-lane concrete road on Tuesday, the 24th of January, Lae MP John Rosso said the four-term MP and former Finance Minister, Philemon, is also an Ahi landowner from Butibam village.

Rosso further paid tribute to the people of Ahi, thanking them for letting Lae be the provincial capital of Morobe.

Restrained from assaulting partner

The Lae Committal Court was told that on the morning of Sunday, December 25th, 2022, the 32-year-old man repeatedly punched his partner of six years on the face, causing her eyes, nose and lips to bleed and swell.

The court was told the issue stemmed from an argument where the woman continuously questioned him over suspicions of infidelity.In anger, he assaulted her.

Police reported that the victim ran away to her parents’ house, then her brother’s, but he followed and continued assaulting her.

Upgraded Eriku access road opens

The once pothole-ridden access road has finally been given a facelift, with commuters no longer having to navigate around crater-like potholes.

Work commenced in September through the 20 percent GST agreement between the Lae City Authority and Morobe Provincial Government.

It was successfully completed and opened on Wednesday, December 28th, for the public to use and access the supermarkets and the nearby motel.

Education needs more funding: Officer

The province budgets for K300,000 annually however, that is also insufficient.Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, highlighted that the province needs over K300 million to effectively conduct activities in the education sector.

The province is massive, with 1,427 schools, over 2,600,000 students and 3,656 teachers.Tangui said in line with the 3-6-6 structure, schools need more infrastructure.

“We need money to erect infrastructure, put more desks in, buy more curriculum books,” Tangui outlined.

Free education in Morobe

Governor Luther Wenge has given his assurance that all school fees – from elementary to secondary and Vocational Education and Training schools – will be met during his tenure.

 “I told him, ‘Governor, you got to have a lot of money to pay the fees because Morobe doesn’t budget more than K300,000 (a year)’,” said Tangui.

“So, do you think you’ll get that money? And he said, ‘I’ll pay’.

Survey underway to identify pastors

Following that, the Babafi Trust Partnership Program has been tasked to identify and verify church ministers within the 10 districts of Morobe Province, regardless of denomination.

“Not only Morobeans but whatever pastors from any other province who came here to Morobe to work as a missionary, pastor or evangelist here, our good Governor is looking forward to put every man and woman, who is a pastor or missionary, on payroll,” said Babafi Trust chairman, Ps Siraah Sam Sabedi.

Trukai aid Morobeans affected by drought

Representatives from Kukuc, Waritsian and Mamaringan were pleased to receive Trukai's timely donation.

Kukuc village leader, Michael Som sad, “Trukai will always be a part of our lives and a part of this country, it is through Trukai's quick intervention in places that need help that really demonstrates its strength as the only iconic brand in the country," said Som.

Trukai Industry Limited’s Marketing Manager, Maryanne Tom said that the company will continue to assist people during their time of need.

Liquor ban in Morobe

Acting Provincial Administrator, Max Bruten, has written to the provincial liquor licensing officer, directing the issuance of two liquor ban notices.

The first notice will be a general liquor ban which will cover only nine of the districts. Wau-Waria will be an exception.

“All liquor outlets must be closed by Monday, 19th December, 2022, and reopen on the 01st of February, 2023,” said Bruten.

“Exception will be given to hotels and motels who will serve within their premises, but that does not include nightclubs.