Over K110 million for royalties in 2014

According to the PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative’s (EITI) 2014 Report, US$39.8 million (K119.4 million) has been paid to DPE.

The report also confirms that the payment is currently held in a trust account and has not been distributed due to uncertainties over the identity of rightful beneficiaries. This situation still remains for many landowners.

Early this month, acting DPE Secretary, Kepsie Puiye, said pipeline landowners in Central Province would receive their royalties after clearance is given by the State Solicitor’s Office.

Landowners’ royalty calculations completed

Acting Secretary for the Department of Petorleum and Energy, Kepsie Puiye, told Loop PNG that all calculations on how much in royalties to be paid to landowners from Papa, Lea Lea, Porebada, and Boera has been done.

The landowners from the four villages threatened to stop operations at the plant site on Monday (Queens Birthday) over outstanding royalties which have yet to be paid despite concluding all pre-requisites.