Counting: Kairuku Hiri progressive result: after count 35

Incumbent Member and National Alliance candidate Peter Isoaimo continuous to lead the race for the Kairuku Hiri Open seat after count 35.

Isoaimo leads on 10,498 votes followed by former Member and People’s National Congress Party candidate Paru Aihi in second place.

Count 35 top five results:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA) : 10,498

2. Paru Aihi (PNC) : 8281

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu) : 6907

4. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 4420

5. Scott Boio Morata (Indept): 4344

Ballot box for count 35 came from Bebeo, Oriropetana, Jeku and Inawaia Village in the Mekeo LLG.

The progressive total informals after count 35 is 1043 and total ballot papers counted so far is 50,784.

For the Central Regional seat, after count 35 from Kairuku Hiri Electorate, Independent candidate Robert Agarobe has a steady lead on 9948 votes.

Incumbent Governor Kila Haoda has moved up one place to second.

Count 35 top five results :

1. Robert Agarobe (Independent) : 9948

2. Kila Haoda (PNC) : 8236

3. Boe Eno Daera (Independent): 7933

4. Nelson Saroa (PPP) :4789

5. Rufina Peter (TPNGP): 4760

Counting for ballot boxes from the Hiri LLG, Kairuku LLG and Koiari LLG have been completed with last seven boxes from Mekeo LLG yet to count.

Counting is now on recess with six more boxes to count.

Meanwhile, the Rigo, Goilala and Abau districts are now doing quality checks.

Quintina Naime