Mother and children in court for murder case

A 42 year old mother from the Gulf Province appeared at the Central Committal court along with her children this morning over the death of a man.

The woman, (all names with-held due to a minor involved in case) appeared before Magistrate Gerry Unjo with her 20 year old daughter, 23 year old son, and a 17 year son (the minor) along with her 25 year old son-in-law from Jiwaka Province.

All five were arrested and charged with one count of willful murder on April 2 this year at Kerema town in the Gulf Province.

It is alleged they were involved in the unlawful killing of Thomas Maroa Posou on February 7 this year at, Kerema town.

The matter returned to court this morning where their lawyer made submissions saying the information charge by police did not indicate the involvement of the mother (42), her 20 year old daughter, and the 17 year old son in the fight that resulted in the death of Thomas Maroa Posou.

Their lawyer said only the 23 year old son and 25 year old son-in-law were mentioned in the police statement briefs that led to their arrest and charge.

They will all return to court on December 29 where a ruling is expected to be handed down on whether there is sufficient evidence to commit the case for trial in the National Court.

The five are facing allegations that they were involved in a fight that took place between 6pm to 9pm at their family residence in Kerema town.

The fight arose from an alleged sexual assault that was committed by the deceased’s drunk nephew to the wife of the 23 year old son that afternoon while she was on her way to the store to get the family’s dinner.

It is alleged a fight broke out between the 23 year old son whose wife was assaulted earlier that night by a group of youths  that Mr Posou’s nephew was with.

His 17 year old brother and brothe- in-law later joined the fight along with the deceased’s three nephews.

Bush knives were used in the fight that left Mr Posou with a broken left hand and multiple fractures on his forehead and both sides of his temple.

Sally Pokiton