Counting For Gulf Starts Tomorrow

Provincial Electoral Manager, Poevare Tore said polling is done for all polling sites except for Turama in Kikori District to polish up on returning the ballot boxes by today.

“Kaintiba boxes have already been extracted yesterday and locked away and we are expecting Kikori boxes to be here today,” he said.

Mr Tore said as soon as the boxes are in town and depending on the set up of the counting area, they are good to go.

A two-day training was conducted by EC kerema with three separate training conducted for Kerema Open, Kikori Open and the provincial seat.

Lockdown forces market prices up

This has forced prices in markets to sky rocket since last week leaving residents with no choice but to bear with it.

Since the nationwide lock down by the Government, road blocks have been staged at the four entry points into Port Moresby forcing some fresh food resellers to bring in produce the hard way.

Women resellers at the Boroko market say they had to pay for private trucks and taxi’s to bring produce from the Bautama entry point into the city.

Susan Kale from Chimbu province said this is why their prices for have risen up.

Group calls on Governor to step aside

The Group said with the decision of the decade-old Tribunal still hanging over his head, he should clear his name before he continues his role, especially in dealing with the Papua LNG Project.

The pressure group said they do not want the Governor to move ahead with plans for the Papua LNG Project until the decade-old leadership tribunal is concluded.

Pressure group coordinator, Miro Peter, said the project is bigger than the Governor.

Haiveta asks for GST

He said by law Gulf Province is owed 3% of the total 10% GST owed to Central, Gulf and The Motu Koita Assembly.

Governor Haiveta asked the Prime Minister in Parliament today for the report to ascertain how much GST was owed to his Province.

Meantime, NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, intervened before the PMs response saying the matter was before the court.

The Prime Minister however said they can present a report to him for his records while the court case is pending.

Elderly Gulf man charged with minor’s rape

The incident allegedly occurred from 2016 to November 4th, 2017, at Joyce Bay, Sabama.

The victim, a 13-year-old female, reported that she was 11 years old when the suspect used to entice her with money in return for sexual favours.

The victim reported the matter after her relatives questioned her upon noticing changes in her physical appearance.

The parents and relatives of the victim apprehended the suspect and handed him over to Police.

The man is now locked up in the cells awaiting further police action.

Gulf taps into tourism potential

But this is about to change, as the current governor, Chris Haiveta, is determined to make tourism in the province a priority.

The Gulf Tourism Office, for the first time, participated at the Lukim Nau Tourism Exposition 2017.

Speaking with Loop PNG, Culture and Tourism officer, Vincent Lavapo Ehari, said the province was never considered a tourism destination due to its negative publicity.

“But since 2013/14, we’ve changed the perception, trying to get people to understand the fact that we have more to offer,” he said.

Polling yet to be completed in four provinces

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed today that polling in some LLGs in these provinces have been extended.

In Madang, polling in Arabaka Rural LLG and Josephstaal Rural LLG in the Middle Ramu District and Bundi LLG in the Usino Bundi District have requested for an extension.

For Enga, counting has started at most electorates while some LLGs have requested for polling extension.

In Gulf, polling in the remote parts of Kikori District has been extended while polling in Kerema District is complete and counting will commence on Thursday.

Remote villages get access to health awareness

The awareness was on family planning, Tuberculosis (TB) and the dangers of illegal drugs, alcohol abuse and violence.

The Oil Search Foundation (OSF) working with Maries Stopes and the Pimaga District Hospital staff organised a two-day health patrol last month that delivered health services and awareness to the schools and communities.

The eight-person team provided immunisation for children, general outpatient screening, antenatal clinics for pregnant mothers, family planning services, HIV testing and distributed treated Mosquito nets.

Nominations slow and quiet in Gulf Province

Since the issuing of the writs nominations have been going on smoothly but at a slow pace.

As of yesterday, 11 candidates have nominated for the regional seat, 21 nomination for the Kikori Open seat and 15 for the Kerema Open seat.

Women have also nominated; three for regional, one for Kerema Open and one for Kikori Open. Among those running for the Gulf Regional seat is a woman and the chairperson for Gulf Focus Group, Maso Raka who nominated yesterday at 4pm.

Maipakai asks for CS office for Gulf

Maipakai asked Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, to give an undertaking to assist in the establishment of the CS office.

He said the Tax Credit Scheme has been used for other projects in Port Moresby but not in Gulf.

“I’m growing grey hair on the issue of raising in this chamber on a very simple issue. I’ve been here advocating on an establishment of a Correctional Service for my Province Mr Prime Minister. Since Independence, Gulf Province has never had one Correctional Service establishment.