Nominations slow and quiet in Gulf Province

Nominations of intending candidates in the Gulf Province are still continuing.

Since the issuing of the writs nominations have been going on smoothly but at a slow pace.

As of yesterday, 11 candidates have nominated for the regional seat, 21 nomination for the Kikori Open seat and 15 for the Kerema Open seat.

Women have also nominated; three for regional, one for Kerema Open and one for Kikori Open. Among those running for the Gulf Regional seat is a woman and the chairperson for Gulf Focus Group, Maso Raka who nominated yesterday at 4pm.

Election Manager, Tore Poevare said the election period in the Gulf Province has always been quiet unlike in some provinces. This year for the first time, the Electoral Commission has organised for the nominations to be in one location inside the main town area.

Poevare said this is so the crowd is controlled and “we deliver the elections in a proper and timely manner”.

He adds that compared to the last elections, this is the first time that the elections have been held out in an open area where supporters get to move with their candidates in an orderly manner to support and wait for their candidates.

He also commended Police for their contribution to keeping the crowd during nominations under tight grip and control for the past nomination days.

With 49 candidates nominated already, the Electoral Commission is still expecting more nominations with one more day leading up to the closing of nominations, which is tomorrow at 4pm.

Annette Kora