Students carry out terrestrial research training

The field trip was part of their final year academic course on terrestrial research training.

The students were out to explore the different setting of plants and forest types on what they learned during lectures.

Biology Head of Division Dr. Lawong Balun said it was all about biodiversity conservation from the destructive act of people towards the environment.

Abau District in lockdown

Central Governor, Robert Agarobe, said a Rapid Response team was dispatched on March 31st to a logging site where the ‘Persons of Interest’ were located.

Governor Agarobe said the ‘Person of Interest’ were tracked to Bam,  Abau District.

It is understood they are expatriates working at a logging site in the Cloudy Bay area.

Abau petition thrown out

The Waigani National Court threw out the petition for being incompetent, stopping it from proceeding to the trial stage.

Justice Peter Toliken ordered the dismissal of the case after he found the petition failed to plead relevant and material facts to support his allegations of bribery.

He gave a ruling on a motion that was filed by Temu, challenging the competency of the petition that was filed by Evela Kala.