School of Natural and Physical Sciences

Students carry out terrestrial research training

The field trip was part of their final year academic course on terrestrial research training.

The students were out to explore the different setting of plants and forest types on what they learned during lectures.

Biology Head of Division Dr. Lawong Balun said it was all about biodiversity conservation from the destructive act of people towards the environment.

Students Display Science Work

The science fair, hosted at the university, was a display of work by the six SNPS strands. The Physics strand was won the trophy for best display.

Head of Physics Moyap Kilepak congratulated his students. “I am proud and want to congratulate the physics students. This shows that what we have been teaching, has have put into,” Kilepak said.

Dean of SNPS Professor Simon Saulei explained what the different divisions have on display.

Literature in a memory chip

In partnership with long serving CHM, the two are shifting from hardcopy to digital, made available on a memory chip.

This was an understanding facilitated through Paradise Publishing House.

CHM has been working on this three-in-one format for the last two years in an effort to build up the country’s music scene.

An application is preloaded on this chip, which also comes ready with an SD adaptor and USB adaptor.

John Kasaipwalova, acting manager, at UPNG Press and Bookshop, saw that this option will also benefit literature.

UPNG to host clean energy conference

With the growing renaissance on addressing energy deficiency in Papua New Guinea, this inaugural conference strives to bring together experts in PNG into one location to present, share and discuss ideas to increase the uptake of clean and renewable energy systems.

And now, with emphasis given to how research and projects undertaken in the higher education sector especially at the University of Papua New Guinea, a framework has been established to work towards achieving the National Energy Policy.