Counting: Central Regional completes quality checks

Quality check for the Central Regional seat was completed at 12 noon today.

Central Province election manager Kila Egaba confirmed that the elimination process will begin late this afternoon.

He said there were a lot of changes to figures after quality checks.

After quality checks, Independent candidate Robert Agarobe has the highest progressive total with 24,190 votes.

Results for the top five after quality checks:

1. Robert Agarobe (Independent) : 24 190

2. Kila Haoda (PNC): 21 520

3. Rufina Peter (TPNGP): 16, 139

4. Boe Eno Daera (Independent): 14, 380

4. Nelson Saroa (PPP): 11,008

The absolute majority stands at 69 539.

Egaba said they should declare the winner by lunch time on Wednesday, July 26.

There are two shifts of counting officials involved in elimination process.

Quintina Naime