Kairuku Hiri

Global Warming Affecting Kairuku

Former headmaster of Delena Primary School, James Aihi has expressed concerns saying that the village council must act fast to mitigate the issue or the sea will continue to wash away foundations.

“I have been on the field for almost 40 years and I just retired in 2016. It is my fourth year at home and through my observation, I believe that our people are suffering due to global warming and climate change. The sea has almost washed up the whole village, only have a few houses remain around 13 or 14 houses just near the beach.”

Double Classroom Opening

LLG Presidents of both Hiri and Kairu, students, parents, and the community witnessed the event.

The classroom funded through the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funds. It cost about two hundred thousand kina.

Gaire Primary School Head Teacher Win Gima said this is the first time, after a long while for the school to receive such infrastructure.  

The new teacher’s house was a collective contribution of K40, 000, while the ablution block was built and supported by Water Aid PNG.

New LLG to be announced

This new LLG will ensure that the Hiri LLG is halved, that is Hiri LLG and the new Vanapa_Brown LLG.

This move is in support of leaders of Kairuku Hiri efforts to separate Kairuku and Hiri  with reasons including;

*Overly populated

*Geographical status of Hiri and Kairuku

*Funding lacking

*lack of development

The move to have a new LLG will ensure that the move to separate Kairuku and Hiri will be fast tracked.

Peter Isoaimo declared as Member elect for Kairuku Hiri Open

Isoaimo was officially declared by Kairuku Hiri Returning Officer Tabu Vaira today at Bomana CS.

He was escorted to Bomana by the National Alliance Party leader and Member elect for Aitape Lumi Patrick Pruaitch and three other NA MPs.

Isoaimo signed the Writ witnessed by supporters, counting officials, electoral officers, security personnel and the media.

He thanked the people of Kairuku Hiri for having the trust and confidence in him and giving him the mandate to lead a full five year term after he was elected during the bi election in 2014.

Counting: Kairuku Hiri progressive result: after elimination 1

After the first exclusion of David Obara, incumbent Member and National Alliance candidate Peter Isoaimo is leading the race on 13,242 votes.

44 votes from David Obara were distributed among the 26 remaining candidates.

Results for the top five after elimination one:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA): 13 242

2. Paru Aihi (PNC): 10 134

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu): 6930

4. Scott Boio Morata (Ind): 4774

5. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 4590

The absolute majority stands at 28 674.

The total ballots remaining in count is 57,347.

Countng: Kairuku Hiri set to complete counting

Kairuku Hiri returning officer Tabu Vaira confirmed that the elimination process will begin this afternoon.

After quality checks, incumbent Member and National Alliance candidate Peter Isoaimo had the highest progressive total with 13,238 votes.

Results for the top five after quality checks:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA): 13 238

2. Paru Aihi (PNC): 10 133

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu): 6927

4. Scott Boio Morata (Indept): 4767

5. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 4589

The absolute majority stands at 28,674.

Counting: Kairuku Hiri progressive result: after count 35

Isoaimo leads on 10,498 votes followed by former Member and People’s National Congress Party candidate Paru Aihi in second place.

Count 35 top five results:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA) : 10,498

2. Paru Aihi (PNC) : 8281

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu) : 6907

4. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 4420

5. Scott Boio Morata (Indept): 4344

Ballot box for count 35 came from Bebeo, Oriropetana, Jeku and Inawaia Village in the Mekeo LLG.

The progressive total informals after count 35 is 1043 and total ballot papers counted so far is 50,784.

COUNTING: Central Regional progressive result – after Kairuku-Hiri count 26

COUNTING: Progressive results for Kairuku Hiri: After count 24

Aihi remains on top with 6328 votes ahead of incumbent Member Peter Isoaimo who is in second place on 5966.

Count 24 top five results are as follows:


COUNTING: Progressive results for Kairuku Hiri: After count 22


Aihi picked up pace taking lead over Nou Rage after count 15 when the counting reached the Kairuku LLG.

He has maintained that lead throughout ballot boxes from the Kairuku LLG that were counted on the weekend.

Counting of boxes from the Koiari LLG started today.