Students carry out terrestrial research training

Biology students from the school of Natural and Physical Sciences of the University of Papua New Guinea went on a recent field trip to the Biology Research Centre at Kore Village in Abau, Central Province last weekend.

The field trip was part of their final year academic course on terrestrial research training.

The students were out to explore the different setting of plants and forest types on what they learned during lectures.

Biology Head of Division Dr. Lawong Balun said it was all about biodiversity conservation from the destructive act of people towards the environment.

Dr. Balun added that the field trip is basically to show the students the practical part of what is taught in class; to get to know the different plant species and their characteristics and their connection in their natural habitat.

The students do field research to maximize their observation skills on different plant characters to determine environmental factors that are influencing them.

Lecturers expose students in field experience to prepare them for field work in the workforce .They believe that field work is what the industries need and if the students can do that they can easily fit into the workforce after study.


Story published by Majaleen Yanei, UPNG Journalism Student

Majeleen Yanei, UPNG Journalism student