Teacher arrested for growing marijuana

Police arrested the teacher on Tuesday, November 7th 2023. He is currently in jail awaiting a court hearing.

According to Kwikila police, it was alleged that the teacher in his 30s and a father of four was growing marijuana at the back of his house among tomatoes and cabbages.

Police reported that three marijuana plants were uprooted from his backyard. One was ready for harvesting while two were almost ready.

Kiunga police arrest three men with drugs

The drug weighting 3.4kg worth around 40 to 50 thousand kina street value.

The men are now in the police cell and expected to appear before the Kiunga District Court today Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

They are being charged under new amended Dangerous Drug Act.

North Fly MP and Vice Minister for Mining & Border Development, James Donald, commended the police for the job well done.

Two arrested for drugs and guns possession

Mr Tamari said the suspects were caught with the drugs in a house in Musungwil Village, Drekikir LLG. The drugs were neatly packed and ready to be transported to Vanimo in Sandaun Province, and then onto Jayapura, Indonesia.

PPC Tamari said one of the suspects escaped while two were caught and transported to Maprik Police Station, where they are now being detained.

Drug smuggler escapes, marijuana seized

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent David Seine Jr confirmed that the police officers from the Madang Water Police section retrieved the marijuana after all the vehicles had left the checkpoint area. He said the marijuana weighed about 50 kilograms. 

PPC Seine Jr said since the set-up of the checkpoint many drug offenders had been arrested and convicted, and are now serving their jail terms. 

Guard fined for roll of marijuana

Arnold Jonathan, from Yangoru in East Sepik Province, told Senior Provincial Magistrate Pious Tapil this morning at the Committal Court that on January 16th, he was in the vicinity when police were chasing people at Works Compound during a patrol.

The defendant claimed he was returning from his workplace when he saw the roll of marijuana that was dropped. He pocketed it when he was apprehended by police.

Magistrate Tapil told the defendant that he found it hard to believe that he just found the rolled up drug.

K70, 400 Worth Of Marijuana Seized

The four suspects include three men, Junior Issack Mango, Jimmy Lebut, Junior Mango and a woman, Francisca Damien.

The men were alleged for being in possession of the drugs while the woman suspect was alleged as the drug dealer.

Police found 1,408 marijuana packets worth K50 each totaling K70, 400. The first bag found contained 1008 packets of marijuana weighing 12kg, two bags containing 200 packs each and 2 marijuana clamps.

Drug Smuggler Caught

The man was doing a betelnut run on the North Coast, travelling down from Goroka, Eastern Highlands.

According to police officers, they sighted him behaving uneasy at the checkpoint and proceeded to bring him into the police station for a body search.

While doing so, they found marijuana neatly packed inside his boots. The police officers said it was a first of its kind they had seen. They said the entire area where the foot fits into a shoe, was removed, packed with marijuana and resealed.

Marijuana Uncovered At Airport

The illicit drugs were transported in a bag via plane from to Tari to Port Moresby, but no one picked them up. The packages were left unclaimed on the conveyor belt inside the terminal.

Astro once again helped in sniffing out the drugs. The police dog’s handler and colleague Constable Edward Baimba said Astro sat firm next to the bag containing the drugs after detecting them.

With the festive season just around the corner, Astro and his team are involved in a special festive season operation aimed at detecting criminal activities centered on the Jacksons Airport

Dawn raid sees drugs confiscated

Manus police said a senior Government officer and LLG manager in Manus, was arrested today for supplying and distributing home brew to youths in Lorengau town. He was later released on K300 bail.

The 44 year old, Andrian Umitel from Awin village, Nigoherm LLG and two others were picked up this morning following a dawn raid on two islands near Lorengau.

PPC Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu said local police with the assistance of Mobile squad 18, conducted the raid at 5am today, confiscating drugs with cash monies from the drug sales.

Need for tougher drug penalties

Recently four people in the Western province were intercepted by police along the Fly River with about K60 thousand worth of marijuana.

The three men and woman have been detained and charged for drug conveyance and trading, however despite this, the North Fly Police Commander Joe Puri is adamant that the laws need to be reviewed and penalties made more severe to deter the trade.

He added that despite people being detained and charged, the penalties at present do not seem to deter people from the illegal drug trade.