Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Training, Bialla

A one week training was conducted at the Bialla health centre involving six health workers from six health posts in the district. The family planning training was conducted by the West New Britain Health Authorities with major support from the United National Population Fund or UNFPA. The training program focused on a simple procedure that does not involve an operation, on the male client. This procedure is deemed to be an alternative of a woman receiving Tubal ligation.

Prioritise Ivule Bridge: Residents

The Ivule Bridge, which connects Bialla town and the provincial capital, Kimbe, was washed away by flood last weekend following continuous rainfall.

Village elder Philip Kawagale said since the first destruction of the bridge in 1985, no permanent bridge was built.

He said their children will be affected as they will not be attending schools in Bialla.

Kawagale also raised concerns that the contractors contracted by the Department of Works to build the bridge are always leaving the villagers out in decision-making.

Proper bridge for Bialla needed

The Ivule Bridge has always been Mother Nature’s target during prolonged wet seasons, causing problems for commuters travelling to and from the New Britain Highway.

Wereh said currently there is an ongoing program to replace 14 bridges under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Asian Development Bank.

He said the Ivule Bridge is a critical bridge but has always been a problem.

“Our future plan is to talk to donors to extend the program where they can take these additional bridges in the existing program,” stated Wereh.

Flooding cuts off access into Kimbe

The temporary Bailey bridge that was set up was no match for the vicious strength of the river.

This part of the highway is at Ivule in Bialla, Talasea District of West New Britain Province.

It is the only highway that links Kimbe Town to Bialla Town.

It is not only important for the general public who travel to Kimbe to access most services but an important economic highway for oil palm company, Hargy Oil Palm Limited.

West New Britain Provincial Works manager, Aura Banka, says this is not the first time; Ivule has flooded and cut off road links before.

Child protection is your business

Acting executive director for the National Office of Child and Family Services, Simon Yanis, says PNG has a mammoth task in changing the mindset of people in respect to children’s issues.

Yanis was speaking recently at the first-ever integrated child protection training conducted in Bialla, West New Britain Province, through the Public-Private and Donor Partnership between Hargy Oil Palm Limited and the National Office for Child and Family Services.

Bialla impresses ADB contingent


They inspected the Bialla Health Centre today and were impressed on the scope of work done by the project team.

Apart from Kimbe, Bialla appears to be the only district town in the country that is growing in-terms of continuous investments in hotel and apartments, besides the rapid rise in shops, opening up of banking services and other business houses.

With such developments, health is of paramount importance to the administration of Governor Sasindran Muthuvel.