Teacher arrested for growing marijuana

A teacher of Hood Point High School in Hula, Central Province was arrested for growing marijuana in his backyard located within the school grounds.

Police arrested the teacher on Tuesday, November 7th 2023. He is currently in jail awaiting a court hearing.

According to Kwikila police, it was alleged that the teacher in his 30s and a father of four was growing marijuana at the back of his house among tomatoes and cabbages.

Police reported that three marijuana plants were uprooted from his backyard. One was ready for harvesting while two were almost ready.

Central Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Laimo Asi confirmed that the teacher was arrested and charged with cultivating dangerous drugs under the law.

“How can a teacher who should be teaching good lessons for students to become better citizens of this nation involve himself in growing illicit substances,” said PPC Asi.

He said this kind of behaviour by teachers attributed to the decline of students in Central Province going to tertiary institutions.

“I am not satisfied that the behaviour of the teaching staff is not good, and we will see this result when fewer students are selected to tertiary institutions or colleges,” he said.

Asi will be speaking to the school management to take tougher actions for teachers and students who are involved in this kind of activity.

Meanwhile, reports from the police brief revealed that the teacher is from Duma village in Chuave district and was a grade 9 teacher during the time of this arrest.

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