Fifth Harmony singer 'arrested for possession of marijuana' in Washington DC

According to US entertainment website TMZ, the 20-year-old was stopped at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC on Tuesday night.

After going through a checkpoint, she was forced by officials to submit to a secondary search.

That's apparently when a small amount of "what appeared to be marijuana" was found in her hand luggage.

Police: 17-year-old makes toddler smoke weed

That's why a video that police say Lamel Yancey of Arkansas uploaded to Facebook is causing furor online. It shows Yancey urging a diapered, 3-year-old to smoke a joint.

The boy is Yancey's nephew, police said.

In the video, Yancey hands off the joint to the boy in the back seat of a car.

"You want to hit the blunt, man?" Yancey asks the toddler.

The boy inhales and coughs.

"Weed," he responds, while his 17-year-old uncle records him.

Water supply of US town tainted with active ingredient in marijuana

A sample of tap water in the town of Hugo was taken and results indicated the presence of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects.

One of the town's water wells had been tampered with, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, which added there was evidence of forced entry.

The positive results were detected by a field testing kit but more qualitative and quantitative testing will soon show a specific result, said Captain Michael Yowell of the Sheriff's Office.

Marijuana compounds show promise in protecting brain cells from Alzheimer's

Researchers discovered that the main psychoactive compound in marijuana—tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—and a few other active compounds remove amyloid beta proteins from lab-grown neurons. Amyloid is the toxic protein known to accumulate in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. The compounds also significantly reduced cellular inflammation, an underlying factor in the disease’s progression.

Police catch woman with 5kg of marijuana

The woman was intercepted by a police unit on sector patrol in the area.

Police spotted the woman because of her suspicious behaviour.

The woman, aged 34, was charged at the Hohola police station with drug possession and intent to sell.

She will be appearing in court next week. 

Marijuana a major obstacle in Bougainville

The drug network on Bougainville has now spilled over into the neighbouring Solomon Islands and drugs are now being smuggled over the border.

A former drug trafficker who wishes to remain anonymous told PNG Loop that the trend is really getting out of hand, and tougher penalties need to be imposed.

 “I use to do that before but now I have dedicated and given myself to the Lord, but according to my observation this is really getting out of hand,” he said.

Intoxicated man allegedly starts fight with vendors

Police said the 23-year-old Kerema man, from Gulf Province, was under the heavy influence of homebrew at the time of the incident, at around 11am.

A police unit en route from Badili to Boroko intercepted him after vendors at the car wash area alerted them.

Police said the man also had in his possession 1kg of marijuana at the time of his detainment.

In another incident, a woman was arrested for assaulting her cousin sister after a heated family argument this morning.

Lihir islands urged to report marijuana cultivators

Lihir Police Station Commander Senior Inspector Elizah Taksir made the call following information to police of people engaging in these illegal activities.

Taskir says the police will be keeping a look out for those cultivating marijuana and despite the fact that the police on Lihir had limited resources, they will still monitor these illegal activities and arrest those involved.

Vermont medical school delves into marijuana science

Other institutions have offered classes in marijuana law and policy, but the university's medical school is likely the country's first to offer a full course on medical cannabis, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Other medical schools have touched on the topic.


In medical Marijuana states ‘pot doctors’ push boundaries

In New Jersey, Dr. Anthony Anzalone has a similar following at his three clinics, marketed online with a marijuana leaf logo and a "DrMarijuanaNJ" web address.