home brew

Family fined for home brew production

The Lorengau District Court sentenced the four this week after convicting them.

People must work hard to sustain their living and not through illegal activities says Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, following the conviction of an elderly man and his sons in Lorengau town this week for producing home brew.

Police mobile squad 19 raided the residence at ward 1, on September 12, and confiscated two 44-gallon plastics drums of fermented home brew, and a full carton of 600mL bottles.

Dawn raid sees drugs confiscated

Manus police said a senior Government officer and LLG manager in Manus, was arrested today for supplying and distributing home brew to youths in Lorengau town. He was later released on K300 bail.

The 44 year old, Andrian Umitel from Awin village, Nigoherm LLG and two others were picked up this morning following a dawn raid on two islands near Lorengau.

PPC Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu said local police with the assistance of Mobile squad 18, conducted the raid at 5am today, confiscating drugs with cash monies from the drug sales.

Lae police stop robbery attempt

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi Junior said, their attempt was foiled by members of the Sector Response Unit (SRU) who were on foot patrol at that location.

One of the men had a homemade gun with him and open fired.

Police gave warning shots and managed to push them back into their streets, when they returned fire.

Police pursued them giving warning shots, however the men got mixed up in the crowd celebrating New Year.

In fear of shooting bystanders, police left.

HB homebrew issue highlighted

Town police station commander, Ben Levi says that his personnel have to date caught numerous PMV busses smuggling the illegal alcohol out of the Hanuabada area.

He says that the festive period has seen more offenders try to take homebrew out of the village to run sales in other communities.

PSC Levi says that he is working on dialogue with leaders at the big village to deal with this issue which leads to numerous law and order situations around the community.

Youngsters surrender home brew equipment

The police report that the youths are part of a community initiative in Daru to deal with the law and order issue of youths drinking homebrew.

In a quiet ceremony this morning the three youths handed over the equipment as a sign of good will to the police in the area.

Meantime, the Western Province police have had an issue with home brew and marijuana which has prompted the command to embark on a campaign to rid the area of drugs and home brew.