Drug Smuggler Caught

A drug smuggler who had marijuana packed inside his shoe, was caught by Madang police at the Talidig checkpoint along the North Coast Road.

The man was doing a betelnut run on the North Coast, travelling down from Goroka, Eastern Highlands.

According to police officers, they sighted him behaving uneasy at the checkpoint and proceeded to bring him into the police station for a body search.

While doing so, they found marijuana neatly packed inside his boots. The police officers said it was a first of its kind they had seen. They said the entire area where the foot fits into a shoe, was removed, packed with marijuana and resealed.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang is concerned because they have received a number of reports of drug addicts killing people. This includes the killing of an infant child at Banana Block early this year, by his drug-addict stepfather. The PPC said drug addicts are also a huge threat to the public.

“I am pleased with the police officers at Talidig who had been doing a tremendous job in apprehending drug suspects. If only we have police dogs in the province, most of the people smuggling drugs will be apprehended,” PPC Rubiang said.

Sylvester Wemuru