Man murders cousin over money

ENB Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Joseph Tabali said the police report stated that the deceased Mathew Yasaking, was allegedly attacked and wounded with a bush knife. Yasaking who resides with his family at Raulava plantation, was in his house when he was approached by the suspect at around 5pm.

PPC Tabali said the disagreement came about after a mediation between the suspect and the deceased regarding money that the deceased got from the suspect. After the mediation the suspect was not happy with the decision and decided to attack the deceased.

Plastics Used To Deliver Babies

Tinola Manas, from Poiyu village, said village birth attendants use plastics, bamboos and bush ropes to deliver babies.

Manas has been a village birth attendant for over a decade, serving the women of Poiyu village in the Nanima-Kariba LLG of Menyamya.

Basic services are non-existent in her village, while their aid post is only a building with nothing inside.

“Hevi blo ol mama, mi sa lukim disla olsem, taim blo ol lo karim, nogat wanpla gutpla haus sik,” she shared. (There are no hospitals for mothers to give birth.)

Teachers infected, no graduations

Provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said the three primary schools are Omili in Lae, Erap in Nawaeb district and Menyamya.

He said three teachers in Menyamya primary have contracted the virus, including a Grade Seven student.

“Omili we have got one teacher who was infected with COVID-19, including Erap,” stated Tangui.

Tangui said head teachers have already started contact tracing, where persons of interest will be isolated.

“Those who are suspected of having COVID will be transferred down to the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium to get tested.

K400,000 worth of projects underway

The Morobe Provincial Government and the Menyamya District Development Authority financially backed the projects.

The funding support includes:

  1. K30,000 to Tsevi Primary School
  2. K20,000 to Tsevi Aid Post
  3. K1,000 to two elementary schools
  4. K250,000 for Kome road link
  5. K100,000 for Tsevi missing link road

Morobe Governor Saonu said the K100,000 support for the missing link road will be an annual budgeted priority if the people themselves agree to assist and work on the road.

Nancy serves remote Menyamya

Many communities in Menyamya are out of reach, tucked away in its own mountainous paradise. But despite this nurse Nancy Kingal, 34, from Western Highlands has chosen to live in Menyama providing healthcare services in the remote communities for the past 15 years.

“There are better services where I come from, but I choose to stay here because I love serving in the unreached and remotest areas. Seeing the smile on the people’s faces gives me so much satisfaction and motivates me to do what I do, especially to serve the vulnerable children in the community,” said Nancy.


Menyamya apples displayed

The people of Kome LLG in Menyamya district have over 3,500 mature apple trees. The farmers recently came to Lae to display their harvest and call for assistance.

In 1986, a student from Menyamya came to Lae to attend the then Bumayong High School. He bought an apple and saved the seeds to distribute to his relatives.

Village birth attendant shares her story

While she does her utmost best to carry out her duty, her district’s infrastructural challenges place her patients’ lives at risk.

Village birth attendants play a critical role as they contribute toward an improvement in PNG’s maternal morbidity and mortality in remote areas.

Yawa, from Menyamya’s Nanima-Kariba Rural LLG, fights tooth and nail to save mothers and their babies. Her job turns into a nightmare for her and her charges as Aseki has no proper road while the nearest health centre lacks obstetrics and gynaecology equipment.

Landslides block off Menyamya road

Landslides are affecting the far-flung district of Morobe Province, making travelling difficult.

A village leader at Angapena, Jack Joab, said a recent massive landslide has blocked off a number of roads, causing inconvenience to the travelling public.

“The rain has done a lot of damages to our only road into the district.”

Joab said though risky, vehicles had to navigate around the debris and continue on with their goods and passengers.

The bad weather has also delayed counting at the Menyamya by-elections at Menyamya station.

Counting underway in Menyamya by-election

Returning Officer Nande Awape said there were four counting venues for the primary counts and the quality checks will be done at Kome, Wapi, Nanima/Kariba and Kapao LLGs. They will be later transported to Menyamya station for the checks and elimination.

Kome LLG started their counting yesterday.

“I have allowed commencing since they were ready,” said Awape.


Menyamya by-election to proceed

Commissioner Patilias Gamato said he had written to the SOE Controller David Manning to exempt both districts from the lock-down, so they can conduct the by-elections.

However, Manning responded and asked the PNGEC to hold back on the by-elections, but Gamato said the decision to hold them, rests on him as the electoral Commissioner.

“This is no disrespect and disobedience to the laws and regulations of the SoE,” Gamato said.