Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Calls for Collective Action to End GBV

This appeal comes at the close of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, highlighting the persistent global issue that obstructs women and girls from fully participating in society.

In her op-ed, Monahan underscores the pivotal role of collective action by individuals, governments, civil society, and businesses to eradicate gender-based violence. Reflecting on the 16 Days of activism, she emphasises that achieving gender equality requires addressing the pervasive human rights abuse that affects women and girls worldwide.

Male advocates crucial

“Men and boys play a crucial role during times of humanitarian crisis in a community or Province,” shared Dr. Betty Koka, Director of Curative Health Services,  Enga Provincial Health Authority. “It is important to involve them as key players during such times.”

“Most importantly, safety and security can be provided to survivors of GBV, SARV, and rape as an immediate response to times of crisis.”

GBV rife in Menyamya: Citizen

Robin John, who was with the PNG Defence Force for 15 years, returned home after the death of his parents to settle, only to find himself struggling to help victims of gender-based violence.

He said he deals with at least three different cases in a day. 

“When I’m there, everyone’s just coming and I feel so burdened and bogged down,” said John, who is from Kome Rural LLG.

“I came down to the provincial administration, trying to seek some assistance from them. They thought I was after money. I said no, all I want is some work done.”

Passion to help survivors

Nationally, about 1.5 million people per year experience gender-based violence, with most perpetrators (81 percent) being husbands or partners, according to the PNG special parliamentary committee on GBV.

More than half of the country’s women, aged 15-49, have experienced violence, and a third have experienced sexual violence, according to the PNG Demographic and Health Survey (2016-2018). Notably, only about a third of survivors seek support, according to the PNG Demographic and Health Survey (2016-2018).

GBV A Disease

The video, titled ‘Pathways to Justice – Strongim sindaun bilong femili’, is a documentary that showcases the legal and support options made available for survivors of family and sexual violence in PNG and how the people and services are working hard to keep them safe.

Commissioner Manning in his speech told the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC) and the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) that the constabulary is committed in addressing Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country.

Coalition Of MPs Call For Investigation

They are urging Minister for Police, William Onglo and Police Commissioner, David Manning to order an investigation and make arrests to perpetrators of violence against women shown in a recent video in Enga Province. The two videos were brought to their attention, depicting incidents of brutal violence against women.  

NCD Governor Powes Parkop, Co-Chair of the Coalition stated that he is appalled by the horrendous acts of violence captured in the two videos.

More diligence needed in GBV-related cases

Using a recent media report of a dismissed alleged sexual offence case against a minor because of incomplete paperwork, the Committee called for more diligence by police and prosecutors.

Committee Chair Charles Abel said such cases call for police and prosecutors to ensure that proper procedures are followed and strong case files are developed.

Abel went on to state that society is sick of hearing stories of alleged perpetrators getting away with crimes against women and children due to small technicalities.

A Walk For Justice

Lucielle Paru, a social activist and change agent led the march stressing that despite all that is happening concerning the ever-growing rate of GBV cases and related crimes, not enough is being done to address these issues.

She stated that the city is not safe anymore and the reality that if a woman was being attacked or robbed in any way, no one would defend her, as it has become the norm in society to walk by or ignore the situation.

GBV Report

The Special Parliamentary Committee prepared the tabled the report on GBV, chaired by Member for Alotau Charles Abel.

Abel disseminated a strong speech regarding the call to action and various critical issues identified by the committee.

The terrible rates of violence in PNG have risen, and people in the country are using this appalling exercise as a means to resolve their conflicts.

Young professionals host GBV dialogue

The digital dialogue on Thursday 27th August in Port Moresby was livestreamed to YPN members across the country and abroad. The panel for the discussion, which was moderated by the YPN President Peggy Maha, included: