Media’s role in GBV reporting challenged

The workshop highlighted approaches to writing sensitive issues especially when reporting on Family and Sexual Violence and Sorcery related violence.

The importance of protecting survivors and victims as well as awareness to change public mindsets was top of the agenda.

Deputy Executive Officer of CIMC, Henry Yamo, said gender based violence incidences are reported everyday on the media, however the challenge is to give more distinction to gender base violence incidences in media reporting.

CIMC to hold media workshop

It is a sensitive human issue that needs to be reported with care.

The Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council or CIMC’s Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee believes that Media plays a powerful role in shaping public discourse and has the capacity to change perceptions and shape community attitudes.

But the media however needs to provide the public with factual information hence the CIMC is hosting a workshop for media personals in PNG commencing tomorrow.

Dialogue and feedback to improve RAA work

The RAA says dialogue with stakeholders will improve prioritization of airstrip and works to be done while feedback gives updates on the conductions of airstrip.

This was revealed during the Consultative Implementation & Monitoring Council (CIMC) National Forum in Port Moresby this year.

Many airstrips in PNG are the lifeline for service delivery in rural areas. However, there has been a lack of service delivery due, impart, to several issues affecting airstrips. They include:

Government connecting missing links: O’Neill

He said roads are the key to economic development in a country like ours and the Government has spent millions of kinas every year to ensure that large number of population access this vital service.

“There are many road links being built during this term of the Government and it is evident throughout the country where people can see for themselves.

“In places like the Gulf Highway and the Highway from Morobe Province into Kikori, where it is nearing completion that we will see more trade and the flow of goods and services.

“This has been lacking in past decades.

Government to release scorecard soon

Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Charles Abel, said this to the media during in Port Moresby during the National Development Forum hosted by the Consultative Implementation & Monitoring Council.

Abel said data from government implementation will be released once compiled by relevant state agencies and departments

“Early in 2017, our Government wants to come with a scorecard to show our people as to what has been the result of all this investment,” said Abel.

“We want to see the facts and figures.”