Digital Innovation in Agriculture Market

Overcoming historical barriers of geographical isolation and technological limitations, agribusiness entrepreneurs, lead farmers, and MSMEs owners in Sepik are embracing digital platforms to expand their market reach and economic prosperity.

Osima’s Transformative Cocoa Journey

Home to 3,000 residents, this community, a mere three-hour drive from the Vanimo township, has become a beacon of hope and economic resurgence.

For years, Osima Village grappled with isolation, its inhabitants relying on traditional hunting and gardening for sustenance. Accessing markets in Vanimo and neighboring Indonesia posed significant challenges due to unreliable transportation.

Jeffery Osi, a village elder, vividly recalls the arduous waits for transport, even for urgent medical needs.

Trukai explains ‘Smart Farmer’ program

Rice Development Manager with Trukai Industries, Aina Davis, said the program is an ambitious one, which will see Trukai doing follow-ups by visiting the trained farmers to see how they are doing.

“Our support continues because we follow them back and we ensure that this training continues, there is knowledge transfer, and they’re part of our Smart Farmer Program, we don’t just leave them and that’s it after the training. We continue to follow up to make sure everyone is coping”, said Davis.

EHAS a mouthpiece for farmers

President Solepa remarked that the role of EHAS is to promote local farmers in their projects.

“Currently, the EHAS is just a mouthpiece for these hardworking members. But for livestock, we are planning on assisting our small farmers in documenting their projects so they can access financial assistance from their local MPs, donor agencies or the private sector,” said President Solepa.

Farmer dedicates agriculture success

Albert completed Year 10 at Asoroka High School in 1993 and decided to actively participate in the agriculture sector. With the availability of natural resources around him, he engaged in cultivating cash crops and livestock farming. However, he saw that coffee production was not enough to sustain his family. He needed to do more.

FAO strengthens PNG cocoa farmers in global market

This initiative, part of the broader EU-STREIT PNG Programme, is designed to uplift local cocoa farmers by providing them with unprecedented access to lucrative international markets.

Pioneering this endeavor is a cohort of nine cocoa MSMEs in Sepik. These enterprises, known for their high-quality cocoa, have undergone extensive training and development, and are supported with production and processing materials by the FAO. Their products, celebrated for their unique flavour profiles, are now ready to make a mark on the global stage.

Plantation to boost local economy

This was announced recently by Member for Bogia Robert Naguri when delivery trucks and machinery to help with the start of operations.

According to Neguri, funding of K1m is being allocated to start the nursery of cocoa and coconut and pay for fuel for the machinery and hire of labour. The next K1m is set aside for operational expenses that will be released in February.

A final K2m payment will be released by the Government after the full acquittal of the first K3m is provided with the report on the plantation’s resumption.

ENB call for support of agro programs

East New Britain provincial administrator, Levi Mano made these remarks during the opening of the Division of Agriculture and Livestock industry annual conference at the Malapau Beach resort on Monday.

Mr Mano stated that agricultural programs must be effectively supported for people to progress the agriculture sector's objectives.

“We must change the way we conduct ourselves as an administration. To reduce the burden of executing our plans, we must collaborate and include private service providers,” he said.

Sustainable agriculture partnership

The partnership aligns with the country’s efforts to address climate change through eco-friendly agricultural practices.

The PNG-Wilmar partnership signals a paradigm shift towards sustainable agricultural practices. Wilmar's integrated agribusiness model aligns with PNG's green initiatives, focusing on responsible sourcing and production.

Investments will span the rice industry, chicken production, a new eco-friendly feed mill, and a sustainable flour mill in Port Moresby. Downstream processing of palm oil in PNG will adhere to stringent environmental standards.

Dr Beng recommends Galip nut for export

Secretary for Agriculture, Dr Sergie Beng, who was one of the pioneer scientists who did expounded research on the galip-nut during his time at the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) many years ago said he was honored to be part of the process of the domestication and the commercialization of the galip-nut.

“One of the big key tasks I have in front of me is to expand agricultural commercialization across our country in all the different subsectors.