Trukai Industries

Rice Farmers Get Support

The company donated these kits to three model farmers who will be caretakers of the equipment, which will cater to more than 30 farmers from Gabsongek Village.

This group of farmers have transitioned their method of farming from dryland rice farming to irrigation rice farming under Trukai Industries’ Smart Farmer Project.  

Landslide Affected Villagers Helped

Villagers of Ward 4, Nami area, received a tonne of rice as well as storage buckets to help them after their homes and food gardens were destroyed last month.

Trukai Industries marketing manager, Maryanne Tom, said the company was happy to assist communities in their time of need.

“Trukai continues to be a shining example of a leading corporate citizen in PNG, doing our part in the communities under our TruCare initiative.

“We continue to respond to our communities in their time of need, especially during natural disasters, and have been doing so for years.

Trukai Increases School Fee Promo

Casey Kwasam, Trukai’s Brand Manager said: “We understand how stressful the start of the school year is for many parents and guardians, hence this promotion is to help support them with their children’s stationery, uniforms and all other school needs.

“This year we want to help more parents which is why we have increased our number of winners to 600, giving participants more chances to win and reward our loyal Roots Rice consumers,” added Kwasam.

Trukai Increases Support To City Mission

As of January 2022 the company has committed 500kg of rice each month to the organisation, a total of 6 tons annually as it progresses into its 14th year of partnership.

Initially catering to the missions’ New Life Skill Trainings Centre at Mirigeda, Trukai made the increase to also cover for its two other sites, based on a request from the Mission.

Trukai assists WNB flood affected

Trukai assisted landslide survivors of Bagum Village of the Ward 9 area in Talasea after flash flooding and landslides damaged houses and food gardens.

On Thursday January 20 the people of Bagum, Sihuru and Harongo were left in disarray from fallen rocks, swept down logs and debris from the mountain by floods and landslides.

Trukai Industries reached out to the affected people with 300 kilograms of rice.

Trukai Backs Community Observe Event

Today, Thursday 2nd December, Trukai was at Porebada to support the Shinning Stars Association in their activities. The company donated 100kg of rice and some merchandise to help villagers celebrate the event, which falls on December 3.

The theme for IDPD 2021 is "Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities towards an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID 19 world”.

Canoe Race gets 60K support

Trukai is this year’s naming rights sponsor for the one-day canoe race event. The agreement signed yesterday is a three-year agreement between the Hiri Moale Festival Committee and Trukai Industries Ltd.

This K60,000 will go towards the prize money and the preparation of the race.

Trukai Industries Chief Executive Officer, Alan Preston said, “Trukai is inspired by communities that work to preserve their cultural practices and traditions in such modern and diverse times. And this sponsorship continues to signify Trukai’s rich history embedded in PNG’s culture.”

Cameron Food Appeal

Appeal Coordinator, Magistrate Rebecca Kwayaila said the food appeal was launched when the school was forced to send their boarding students home.

In her appeal letter, Magistrate Kwayalia stated that students from outer islands and other parts of the province who had no relatives, remained on school grounds and were being supported by staff with basic meals. Hence the appeal was to help feed the students until rations were made available. 

On Friday August 20th, Trukai Industries responded to the appeal and donated 50 10kg bags of rice to the school. 

PNGOC, Trukai Announce Winners

The winners were announced at the PNGOC Office at Olympic Haus Boroko. Present were representatives of Trukai Industries Ltd and PNGOC to witness the occasion.

PNGOC Corporate Manager, Ian Leklek congratulated the winners and was grateful for their support with purchasing the Fun Run T-Shirts, as the proceeds go to funds raised for TEAM PNG in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Leklek thanked the winners for their support also because despite the tough economic times our country is facing people are still lending a helping hand.

Manolos medivacs supported

Trukai Industries has supported the Mountain Area Medical Airlift (MAMA) Foundation with a defibrillator – a compact monitoring device that is valued at over K100,000.

Defibrillators can restore a normal heartbeat and prevent or correct an uneven heartbeat (arrhythmia); a crucial device for emergency medical evacuations (medivac).

Trukai Industries is supporting Manolos Aviation’s Mountain Area Medical Airlift Foundation to procure a Zoll X Series defibrillator.  

CEO Alan Preston said this vital service that Manolos provides is a wonderful story for PNG.