Trukai explains ‘Smart Farmer’ program

Rice Development Manager with Trukai Industries, Aina Davis, said the program is an ambitious one, which will see Trukai doing follow-ups by visiting the trained farmers to see how they are doing.

“Our support continues because we follow them back and we ensure that this training continues, there is knowledge transfer, and they’re part of our Smart Farmer Program, we don’t just leave them and that’s it after the training. We continue to follow up to make sure everyone is coping”, said Davis.

Charity donations to end 2023

For the 8th year, the donation is to give back to members of the community who were unable to be a part of the Christmas festivities.

Truaki donated 1.3 tonnes of Trukai Rice to 13 Correctional Service establishments nationwide with Trukai Industries staff visiting the Buimo and Bomana female detainees. The female detainees were given care items consisting of towels, blankets, sanitary pads and soaps while plush toys were presented to their babies.

PNG spends K1.2b to import rice

According to agriculture experts not much effort has been made to support rice farming on a commercial scale to meet the local demands and also for possible export.

Rice has now become the staple food for the majority of Papua New Guineans.

The rice growth cycle is only three months from planting to harvesting, and its durability for prolonged storage makes it a significant crop for strengthening food security in times of drought and other natural disasters.


Govt to establish Rice SEZ

Prime Minister James Marape made the announcement recently underlining the government's commitment to kick start a substantial commercial rice industry within the next five years, with the goal of replacing the country's annual rice imports, valued at over K900 million.

Gov’t urged to intervene in excessive rice pricing

In addressing concerns affecting daily lives and budgets of countless Papua New Guineans regarding the soaring prices of rice, Rigo Rice have presented some key findings from trials conducted.

Rigo Rice found that:

  1. Farming and costs before milling:

Average harvest per hectare was 6.7 tonnes of rice. Total cost of production excluding land and machinery, amounted to K5, 700. 00 per hectare. This translates to a cost of K.0.85 per kg of paddy rice.

Papua delegation to donate rice

The Governor for Madang province, Ramsey Pariwa, warmly welcomed the delegation on Sunday, April 19 and on the following day hosted them at his office at Sir Bato Bultin Provincial Government office where a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed to formalize the arrangement.

The delegation’s team leader and spokesperson, Ibu Susie Waingal expressed their willingness to cooperate with Madang in a sister-province relationship or cooperation.

Trukai celebrates 50 years

The company announced the milestone in a media conference on February 11th that as part of the celebrations, promotions will be run in the coming months.

To mark the half century the company also announced a new agreement with local landowners in Morobe Province to venture into commercial rice farming.

Since its inception in February 17th 1970 as Ricegrowers – Australia and then changing to Trukai Industries Limited in 1994, the company has grown as the leading food brand in PNG.

Firm's second commercial harvest in Markham

This will be the second commercial harvest as the rice company continues to invest in local rice production.

The first harvest was completed last year, milled and packed in Lae, then distributed as Trukai Hamamas Rice, signifying a new dawn for a domestic commercial rice production for Trukai and PNG.

The rain fed crop is planted over 275 hectares and is estimated to produce over 1,000 tons of rice when harvested. The rice is 100 percent locally made from planting through to harvesting, milling and packaging.

Sepik eyes large-scale rice production

This follows an MoU Agricultural Cooperation signing between the two countries on Friday (November 16th) at the PAU rice demo farm.

The MoU paves way for the two countries to move forward in commercial rice production, with technical assistance to come from the Philippines.

Governor Bird said the interest of rice farming and production in his province is quite extensive and wants to capture that opportunity and to develop it jointly with the Filipinos.

PM signs rice production deal

This move is aimed at reducing the cost of rice in PNG.

Speaking at the end of an Official State Visit to the Republic of the Philippines, O’Neill said that a Memorandum of Understanding on agricultural cooperation has been signed that will lead to extensive rice cultivation.

PM O’Neill said understanding has been reached with the Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, and his Government to cooperate in the production of rice for the benefit of both countries.